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"Meincraft": how to remove from private person

Using console commands in "Maincraft" -this is a very common phenomenon, because these commands allow you to access advanced functionality. However, please note that not all teams are legal, that is, you may be banned for using some of them. But most often servers immediately indicate which combinations you can apply, and the rest are blocked, that is, even if you want to use a forbidden command, you can not do it. Naturally, on most servers, privately commands are the most common. But they need to be manipulated very carefully - everyone can put the private, but then you can get a lot of problems with it. So at the same time you immediately need to learn how to remove a person from private.

Functions of private

how to remove from private person

Before you figure out how to remove fromprivat rights, you should understand how this function works. So, if you play on the server, then, besides you, there is always a lot of other gamers out there. And with your buildings and things all other players present on the server can interact. This means that you are absolutely not protected by anything from vandalism, robbery and other unpleasant incidents that may occur. Naturally, this does not suit anyone, so in 99 percent of cases on multi-user servers, the privatization function is activated. With its help you can allocate a certain area of ​​the territory, which will become only yours - you can only get to it, and nobody will destroy the buildings built there. Also you can set the functions of the private on separate items that are outside your own territory. The fact is that the privatization of regions always sets a limit, so that one person can not take possession of all the land at once. On a journey, you often have to leave chests with things, build temporary buildings and so on. Therefore, on the door, chest and similar objects you can also impose a private. Moreover, you can add to the private list of those gamers you trust and who will be able to visit your region and use your items. But not always trust is justified, and you need to know how to remove a person from private, if you want him no longer to gain access to your things.

Remove from privat region

how to remove a person from privat in minecraft

First, you need to consider how to remove fromprivat rights, if you added it to the region. In fact, the situation with the territory is much simpler than with objects. Here you just need to register the region removemember command, then add the nickname of the person you want to deprive previously granted privileges - and everything will be done. However, there is another option, which will have to be more difficult. For example, you need to know the answer to the question of how to remove a person from privat in Minecraft, if he has elevated rights?

Deleting a domain owner

how to remove a person from private

If someone has equal rights to the region, thenyou will need a slightly different team. How to remove a person from privat, if he is also the owner of the region? Here you need the region removeowner command, after which you again need to register the player's nickname, which will be denied the rights. But in this case, you should be more careful with the team issuing such rights, since the owners of the region have equal authority, and this team can apply to you, even though you are the creator of the region.

Removing items from private items

As already mentioned above, things can come out withsome difficulties. The fact is that there is no specific command that would remove users, so you will need to delete the private with the cremove command, and then create it again, adding the necessary people.