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Company of heroes: walkthrough

This strategic game is a modelhow to do real-time strategies of this kind. All the captives Company of heroes: the passage of the game is not too long and quite exciting, varied missions both in content and complexity, a great abundance of game items, a good drawing, interesting campaign - all this makes this game one of the best representatives of the genre.

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Upration and command

It starts with the fact that the game will seem simple inPassage only for those who have completely figured out all the nuances. And they are full in the Company of heroes, the passage of this game can take you an extremely long time if you try to act rashly and corny. In this case, you need a creative approach, especially since the management is standard and intuitive, so you do not have to be distracted by anything extraneous. This is also a characteristic difference of the continuation of the game, Company of heroes-2, whose passage is also not overshadowed by excessively overloaded management, than the developers of similar games have recently begun to sin. But if you return to the passage of the first part, then the main nuance, which is worth paying attention to, is the command. You have to initially choose which troops will be yours. Naturally, you will use all types of troops, but the one that will belong to the commander will receive bonus units and types of soldiers and equipment, as well as various additional abilities. All this can be purchased for points that you will earn by destroying enemy units.

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Army and buildings

Passage of the game Company of heroes is impossible withoutthe competent use of military force. Since the game tells about landing on the beach of Omaha, it is logical that the infantry will prevail - they are in the game as many as 8 types, starting with ordinary infantrymen and garnatometchikov and ending with paratroopers and flamethrowers. However, there are combat vehicles such as jeeps, light armored vehicles and tanks. Combine them with the mind, competently selecting the composition of the troops for each mission. But the game, which we are talking about here, is not a tactical strategy, but RTS, so there were not any buildings here. From the presence of buildings in the Company of heroes, the passage of this game is noticeably simplified. There are two main types of structures available to you: manufacturing and defensive. Producing only two - barracks and a plant of equipment, first come infantry recruits, and the second produced tanks and other equipment. There are also two defensive structures - a post and an obstacle, which differ among themselves in that the first are the infantrymen leading the defense of the perimeter, while the latter create physical obstacles on the enemy's way. Also there are additional facilities (for example, a medical center) that simplify the passage of the game.

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Story line

If you play the Company of heroes, the passageThis strategy stretches for more than ten hours. The whole game consists of fifteen missions, each of which lasts at least an hour. Naturally, if you replay the game, having the necessary information, you can cope faster, but for the first time you can not count on high-speed passage. These 15 cards will guide you through the various battlefields of the Second World War and lead to a small victory. In addition, on each card you can win a medal for completing an additional task.