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Details on how to delete Skype accounts

In order to decide how to delete the Skype account, let's look at the order in advance what kind of program it is.

What is Skype?

It is difficult to find a modern person who at least once did not hear the name of such a popular application.

how to delete a Skype account

Skype is a so-called VoIP program.It works mostly for free and provides a wide range of services. It was developed by Swedish, Danish and Estonian programmers in 2003. Most of the staff of the office is still located in Estonia. A huge number of users every day makes calls on voice and video communication around the globe. The application also includes a useful conference mode for a number of users.

How to download this program

Surely, if you are reading this article, for youit is no longer difficult to make an account in Skype. Manufacturers of this communication platform have made it easier for users to install and use it. All that is required of you is to enter the official website of the company, and the program for recording "Skype" will easily be downloaded to your computer, laptop or tablet.

program for recording skype

With this, it seems, sorted out. A lot more users are interested in how to delete accounts from Skype.

How to delete your account yourself

Suppose, for some reason, you decidedstop using this program or, changing the old profile, start a new one. Agree, there are many reasons for this: considerations of personal security, the transition to a different mode of communication or the desire to relax from the busy life on the Internet. In this case, you will be interested in how to delete Skype accounts. Practice testifies to the numerous problems associated with this action. Now we will tell you what you need to delete the account in Skype. Of course, your computer or laptop, connected Internet and installed software. Do not be scared that at first glance, the ability to delete your account does not exist. After all, there is always a way out, and the lack of a direct answer to the question of how to delete Skype accounts is from developers explained by the observance of general security.

Let's move on to actions

For example, you can change the address of your E-mailanother. If you do not have an alternative mail, you can create it for this purpose. Now the main thing is not to enter the program through the old account anymore. As soon as 22 days have passed, your old login will automatically disappear from the search and it will be impossible to find you by the old account. Do not forget that you need to delete the profile also from your computer. If you entered the program through your PC, it saved your data and will remind you about it. To get rid of this, go to the Start menu, then find the "Run" function and enter the command: Application dataSkype. A window will open, in which you will see all the accounts from which you or your household entered the application. Now you have all the data you need to clear.

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When you know how to delete accounts"Skype", you can use the full features of the program the way you want it: communicate, call and much more. In conclusion, let us cite a curious fact about the application: when typing a message in case of simultaneous pressing of 3 keys or more, which are not near, the interlocutor can see not the usual writing pencil, but the cat walking on the keyboard. If you do not stop after that, the icon will change again. As a result, the interlocutor can see the image of hands that break a pencil into two parts. In addition to the built-in emoticons, "Skype" also contains several secret ones. The described features depend on the version of the application.