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Xinput1_3.dll: What is this file and how to fix the error associated with it?

Windows users can startsome time to encounter a xinput1_3.dll error. What is this error, what is it related to and how to fix it? This will be discussed in the article. After reading, you can get an opportunity to play your favorite game in a few minutes.


Let's start with the definition of the library in question, since we need to know what we will be dealing with.

xinput1 3 dll what is this

Note that xinput1_3.dll is a component of the well-known DirectX package. This library is responsible for the correct interaction with the gamepad in the game. If the file you do not have on the PC, then you can not use the controller in the game, in this case the system gives an error "xinput1_3.dll is missing". This means that the game will not start.

Now we know that xinput1_3.dll is an important component in the system. And also we know that it comes with DirectX 9, which will help when trying to fix the error. But still it's too early to go, first you need to understand the reasons for the absence of this library, what we are now and will do.

The cause of the error

If the game does not start, we already know that this isxinput1_3.dll was the cause of the error, but why did it happen at all? Let's understand. The reasons are really not so much, which is undoubtedly good. There are only three of them, here is the list:

  1. The library file was damaged by the virus.

  2. The file was deleted from the computer.

  3. The file is different from the required version.

It is worth paying special attention to the firstcause, because of it, the correction of the error will be impossible. It works like this: a virus that you inadvertently brought to the computer, somehow affects the file xinput1_3.dll, making changes to its code, therefore, the antivirus sees the difference and for security puts the file in quarantine. If so, then even after fixing and installing a new file, it will again be infected, that is, moved to quarantine. Therefore, before you follow the instructions below, check your system for malware.

Method # 1: Installing the package

Now it's time to talk about howfix xinput1_3.dll error in Windows 7 and other OS versions. The first method involves the installation of the DirectX 9 package, as we already know that the library we need is delivered with it.

Tell us how to install this packagewe will not, because every user will cope with this task, but here we will tell how to download it. The matter is that it should be done exclusively from the official site of Microsoft company, that is, with microsoft.com., Because on other resources there may be infected files, after installation of which the situation will only worsen.

In general, go to the site, look for DirectX 9 there, download it, install it, then the error will be fixed.

Method number 2: Manual installation of the library

If the previous method seems complicated, youyou can not find the right package, you should use the second one. This time we will work separately with the xinput1_3.dll library. Accordingly, we need to download it from the Internet initially. And then the question arises: "And where to download it?" Unfortunately, this file does not apply to the official site, so it must be searched for on other resources independently, where there is a high probability of catching the virus. Here it is necessary to be reinsured. Find a more or less conscientious site, download xinput1_3.dll from there, and then check it for viruses, if they were not found, move the file to the System32 folder that is in the Windows folder on drive C. If you have a 64-bit system, then move to the SysWOW64 folder.

xinput1 3 dll windows 7

Method # 3: Install the library using the DLL-Files.com application

There is a possibility that the second way is notapproached: you could not find an uninfected file or just did not figure out where to move it. In this case, the third way is just for you. All the above actions will be performed by the program DLL-Files.com, so first download it from the Internet, and then proceed to the instructions.

  1. Run the program itself.

  2. Immediately after opening, enter the name of the library in the appropriate field (xinput1_3.dll).

  3. Search.

  4. In the results, select the desired library.

  5. Click Install.

xinput1 3 dll windows 8

That's all. So you can easily fix the error if you use a special program. In fact, we did all the same thing that was told in the second way: loaded the library, put it in the desired directory. Only for us it was done by the program. It is difficult to deal with errors on the standalone independently, but if you follow the recommendations, it will all work out.

Method # 4: installing the library using the DLL Suite application

Finally, let's look at another program, with which you can fix the error xinput1_3.dll in Windows 8. Of course, this program is suitable for other versions of the operating system, but not the essence.

So, it's called DLL Suite. Go to the developer's site, download it before following the instructions below.

  1. Run the DLL Suite.

  2. Go to the "Download DLL" section.

  3. Run a search query with the words xinput1_3.dll.

  4. In the results, select the desired file.

  5. Click the "Download" button next to the desired version of the file.

missing xinput1 3 dll

After that, a window will open in which you need to specify the directory where the file will be installed. By default, often is true, so feel free to click "OK."