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Headphones Defender: description, features, reviews

It's not easy to choose headphones.But if you decide with the manufacturer, it will be much easier. For example, Defender headphones can easily be classified according to their intended use. Therefore, the buyer can find a model with a microphone and without it. Also the manufacturer presents headphones for games or music. It remains only to determine the budget of the purchase.


Many have already heard about Defender headphones, but not everyone knows that this is a Russian trademark. The manufacturer is engaged in the production of not only peripherals, but also computer accessories.

Headphone selection

The company has been working for almost 30 years.The brand was founded in 1990. Initially, the production was aimed at creating protective screens for displays. They were useful, because the computer radiation of old monitors had a negative impact on users.

That's why the company got its name(Defender from English translates as "defender"). Within a couple of years of its existence, the manufacturer decided to increase the range of products.

Now the company is known not only with headphonesDefender, but also keyboards, mouse, network filters, loudspeakers, game controllers, joysticks, etc. Also there are many accessories for the care of devices: cleaning products, stands, cases and bags.


Headphones Defender, as a product and from any other manufacturer, it is not easy to choose. It is difficult to imagine any algorithm that would help you decide on a particular model.

Nevertheless, there are some parameters that you still have to pay attention to:

  • cost of the device;
  • presence or absence of additional elements;
  • appearance;
  • specifications.

Naturally, almost every buyer first determines the budget of the purchase. It is believed that a more or less high-quality headset is in the middle price segment - from $ 60.

How to choose headphones

If we are talking about simple headphones, then they can cost a little less. If we are talking about a gaming headset, then its price can exceed $ 100.

Additional elements may be a microphone:not everyone needs this detail. Also, this parameter includes the presence of special connectors or a control panel. On the headphones can be placed special levers and buttons.

Appearance is subjective. Here the buyer pays attention to the materials, the shape of the ear cups, the strength of the cable and various decorative elements. Someone is important color, and someone - highlighting.

Simplicity in everything

During its existence, the company has released a large number of models of headphones with a microphone. Defender acquire even a few years after the release of a particular model.

For example, the model Defender Accord HN-047appeared on the market about 4 years ago. And yet it is still popular and is being sold in stores. The headphones were very simple, inexpensive, but high-quality.

Since this is a budget option, then above the boxthe company did not bother much. The headphones were placed in a plastic transparent blister. On the one hand, this is a good solution, because you can view the model immediately on the display case. On the other hand, few of the sellers agree to unpack the blister to give the buyer a try on the headphones.

Headphones Defender Accord HN-047

The package briefly describes the main characteristics of the headset. Immediately stated that the model can be used not only in the PC, but also in smartphones.

The design of headphones with a microphone DefenderAccord HN-047 is content with the controversial. For some it may seem successful because of strong materials and large sizes. Someone, on the contrary, will abandon the model because of its unselected design.

The headset uses a glossy plastic. The headband is strengthened with a metal hoop. In addition to the popular red variation, there are universal: white and black.

Reviews of Defender Accord HN-047

This model has become popular due to itssimplicity and low cost. Many people liked not only design and design, but also the most important thing in headphones - the sound quality. The sound is soft and clean. Despite its budget, the headset showed itself well when playing music with a high volume. Even basses were heard, although they are not as good as in expensive models.

But the high frequencies were not so good. Especially from them music lovers have suffered. Users noted that despite this, they did not notice any irritating sounds from outside.

Freedom from wires

The company has quite a few wireless headphones. Defender HN-B701 - one of the most popular models. It appeared 5 years ago, but still remains in demand for many reasons.

Wireless headphones

Of course, not all users prefer a wireless headset. Someone considers it substandard, someone - short-lived. But anyway, it is very user-friendly.

Defender HN-B701 is structurally similar toprevious model. Differences can be seen in the narrower headband, matte plastic and additional buttons. A model is supplied in a celluloid blister. There is nothing remarkable about it, but unlike the packaging of the Defender Accord HN-047, this one can not only be seen, but also discov- ered.

The metal headband is tight and easily adjustable. On the back of the ear cups there are control buttons: turning on, adjusting the volume and turning the tracks. The ear pads themselves are very compact, so not everyone can approach. It's better to measure headphones in the store beforehand.

Reviews of Defender HN-B701

These wireless headphones Defender turned out to bevery successful model. They are often compared with a similar headset Defender Freemotion HN-B601. The second model was released earlier and it is somewhat simpler both in terms of design and sound.

Wireless Headphone Interface

Connection with HN-B701 is simple. The connection is stable. Of course, the lack of sound can be found, since it is a wireless headset of the middle price segment.

And yet, there are no terrible shortcomings for this model. It has enough volume, good signal reception, simple and correct control.

Game model

The headset for gamers is in demand. Of course, this niche has its leaders for a long time, but not always enough money for their products. Therefore, gaming headphones from Defender - the best choice for those who want to save money.

The cost of models of a gaming headset may not exceed 500 rubles, which many believe little. But so it is. One of the popular game models are the headphones Defender Warhead HN-G180.

Gamer headphones

Since this is a specialized headset,it is packed in a branded box with a customary graphic design. By the way, in a similar package put all the game products from this manufacturer. Therefore, it already seems familiar.

On the back side, as always, the main advantages and technical characteristics of the model are described.

Many people liked the design of headphones. They are very large and bulky. On the head they sit heavily, but reliably. And yet, as the reviews indicate, the gamer does not get tired of them even after several hours of virtual battles.

Headphones made of plastic, and, like manycould notice, the quality is mediocre. In some places slits and burrs are visible. The ear pads are very large, so they will appeal to everyone. But the leatherette, from which they are made, eventually bursts and breaks away.

No problem with how to connect headphonesDefender Warhead HN-G180 should not arise. But just in case, there is an instruction in the box. The microphone here is modular, connected via a 3.5 mini-jack. Many users liked the fact that the microphone bar is flexible, not plastic. The latter option is very unreliable, especially in the hands of impressionable gamers.

There is a sound card with USB interface in the box. First, even if you do not pursue super-sound, the USB connector will definitely save you a connection point, which is not enough on a laptop. Secondly, this add-on really helps improve the sound, albeit slightly.

Headphone adapter

Reviews of Defender Warhead HN-G180

This model was very successful for gamers. Some users were pleased that the box had an instruction for the headphones Defender, because they could not figure out the connection. I liked the presence of a long wire, a flexible microphone, a closed type of ear cups and acceptable sound quality.

Negative feedback touched on the quality of assembly, the lack of functional software and dimensions.


The company produces a lot of headphones that are notalways refer to a particular group. For example, the above wireless model Defender Freemotion HN-B601 also applies to stereo headphones.

Defender is a company that focuses onquality and price. Therefore, she has so many successful models with an ideal ratio of these two parameters. Since this is a Russian brand, he does not have many fans abroad, and the main target audience is in the CIS region. Nevertheless, the company is developing and is gaining the attention of more and more customers.