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VGA connector: assignment, description, pinout

Most liquid crystal and plasmaTVs have a VGA-connector, or as it is also called, D-sub. In addition, it is used in computer technology to connect the system unit and monitor. The abbreviation VGA derives from the name of computer video adapters. VGA connector developed by Canon. At first it was the smallest in comparison with other similar connectors.

vga connector

general information

This output of analog signals to the monitor is familiar to almost every user of a personal computer. VGA connector is designed to connect any modernTV or monitor. The interface under consideration can be found both on the newest equipment and on the rather old one. In modern laptops in order to minimize the space occupied by the connector on the case of the device manufacturers often do not use screw cable fixings to the connector, so the user must be extremely careful when moving the laptop.

Interface Description

There are several types of execution of thisconnector. VGA-connector is just a special case from the whole series, invented by the company "Canon". Each such connector is labeled, the first letter of which indicates the type of the series (D). The second letter is the number of pins, and the next figure indicates the number of contacts that are actually used in the connector (A-15, B-25, C-37, D-50, E-9). The last letter indicates the type of connector (M - "mom", F - "dad"). In modern monitors and televisions, as well as in video cards of laptops and computers, use connectors of type A, which corresponds to 15 contacts.

dvi vga cable

To transfer an image through this interface, use the RGB scheme. VGA Connector With the help of special adapters, you canCombine with other interfaces, for example, SCART. More difficult is the adapter to the DVI interface. In computer stores, you can still purchase a DVI-VGA cable, and this interface is represented by both types - DVI-I and DVI-D. In addition to the main contacts responsible for the transmission of video signals, the service information between the TV and the signal source is transmitted via the VGA connector, for example, data on the number of colors, the resolution of the screen,

VGA connector: pinout

So, we present to your attention the wiring of such a connector, at the same time we will decipher the purpose of each output:

1. Red channel - 75 Ohm, 0.7V.

2. Green channel - 75 Ohm, 0.7V.

3. The blue channel is 75 Ohm, 0.7V.

4. Second identification bit.

5. The common wire.

6. "Earth" of the red channel.

7. "Earth" of the green channel.

8. "Earth" of the blue channel.

9. The key.

10. "Earth" synchronization.

11. Zero identification bit.

12. A single identification bit, or DDC data.

13. Composite or line synchronization.

14. Personnel synchronization.

15. The DDC clock, or third identification bit.

vga connector pinout


It should be noted that audio information throughthe connection type is not transmitted. This can cause additional difficulties when synchronizing sound and images. After all, TVs usually do not have additional audio inputs that are compatible with the VGA connector. The easiest way to synchronize the two signals is to use a separate speaker system.