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Far Cry 4: game review in Russian

Game Far Cry 4, the review of which offers thisarticle, became the fourth part in the lineup of legendary shooters. She got the gameplay from the last part and still pleases players with charismatic personalities and an incredible world full of adventures.

But this time the main character goes toThe Himalayas to fulfill the last wish of their mother. In the fictional country of Kirat, there is a civil war. The main character Ajayu will face difficulties and find new allies. Now the variability of the endings allows you to make a choice that is acceptable for each player. The Internet has already become a popular rap-game review Far Cry 4.

General review of the game

The originality of the plot of the last Far Cry,like the younger "brethren", is not allocated. The protagonist again recovers to a hot spot to resist tyrants and fight injustice. And they call the new hero Ajay Gail. He goes to Kirat to fulfill the last request of the late mother and dispel her ashes in a special place.

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But upon arrival, he "hospitably" meetslocal leader and dictator - Peygan Min. The hero is made to understand that he is no one here, and they begin to torture his conductor, who later turns out to be a member of a rebel organization called the "Golden Way". The hero arranges an escape from Mina. When it turns out that Ajay is the son of Peygan, he instantly becomes the face and leader of the rebel movement.

Pleases innovation - the nonlinearity of the plot. The player himself chooses how to act, who to kill or to leave to live. The fate of Kirat really lies on the shoulders of the hero.

It's also nice to see the DLC package for FC 4. To get acquainted with each addition separately, you can read the game review. Far Cry 4 gold edition contains a season pass and a special edition.

System requirements

The new Far Cry 4 will be interesting to users with consoles at a minimum level. And to see the maximum capabilities of Ubisoft, you have to raise the settings higher.

The joke will start on a PC with a Windows operating system version 7/8 / 8.1 of 64-bit.

Recommended iron:processor Intel Core i5-750 series or AMD Phenom series II X4 955, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 460 graphics card or Radeon HD 5850 with 1 GB memory, sound devices should work with DirectX 9.0.

Free vengeance on the hard drive must be a minimum of 27 GB.

Basic Characters

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On the path of the main character there are many personalities.

Far Cry 4 - review of actors:

• Ajay Gale is the central person of Far Cry 4. He comes from Kirat, but at the behest of his mother grew up in the USA;

• Bhadra is a little girl, in the future a symbol of the degeneration of the culture of Kirat;

• Ishwari is the mother of Ajay, the wife of Mohan Gale. Was in a relationship with P. Mine;

• Pagan Ming is the main psycho-villain Far Cry 4. He is the dictator of the region in Himmalai and keeps everyone in an iron grip. Personality, similar to Vaasa Monetnegro;

• Amita is one of the leaders of the Golden Way. Rival for power with Sabal and adheres to other views on the life of Kirat;

• Sabal - is the second leader of the rebel movement, conservative in character and wants to return Kirat to the very origins;

• Darpan - one of the soldiers of the "Golden Way", fought under the leadership of the father of the protagonist;

• Longin - an assistant to the rebel movement in the supply of weapons, the hero remains with the second part of the series;

• Herc - another character left with Far Cry 3, he helps fight the tyrant;

• Yuma Lowe - runs a prison and helps P. Min.

• Paul Harmon - has long been working for the head of Mina, while helping him to suppress the rebels. Psychopath, specializes in interrogation and torture;

• Nur Najjar - manages bloody battles in the arena;

• Yogi and Reggie are local drug addicts who work for Nur Najar and help her;

• Mohan Gale is a former ally of Mina, the late father of Ajay.

Shooter Interface

In the new Far Cry 4 users will play fromfirst person. This is a shooter with elements of stealth, a huge open game world and, of course, partial freedom of action. Cardinal changes do not involve the gameplay. The action again takes place in a large and accessible to study large-scale game world, which is full of a diverse wild beast and not only.


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Far Cry 4 - an overview of the innovations in the game:

• Rock climbing. Because of the characteristics of the terrain, many missions suggest an ascent over steep cliffs.

• Cooperative game for 4 people.

• Calling mercenaries. When collecting and buying soldiers' tokens, the main character has the ability to call mercenaries as reinforcements.

• Hunters are shamans. Jungle warriors in the game act as the enemy. Identification icons above them burn only a few seconds and disappear. This makes it difficult to determine their location.

• Radio Kirata. During the trips in the passenger compartment, the propaganda broadcasting of the Royal Army works. After the seizure of stations and the redirection of the signal continues the broadcast propaganda of the Golden Way.

• Transport. In the shooter appeared light cargo scooter and gyrocopter. Also as a means of transportation, you can use an elephant. An animal, as a combat unit, can ram, throw things and enemies.

• Selecting a storyline. When passing the game from time to time, the hero has to choose, whose tasks give priority. What determines the further storyline.

Features of Far Cry 4

Although Far Cry 4 is not particularly different from its predecessor, it is possible to highlight some of the features that characterize the game.

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Features of Far Cry 4 (review in Russian):

• Multifaceted and bewitching game world FarCry 4. Here the player will see not only dense forests, but also unusual snow-covered slopes of the Himalayas. Local jungles are rich in living creatures: leopards, rhinoceroses, eagle-eagle eaters, bald badgers and many others.

• With the help of a wing suit, you must constantly conduct reconnaissance in enemy territory, as well as carry out landing raids.

• The player will have to show his strength and skill, fight for life and fame in the arena, and also earn the favor of the crowd.

• The history of Kirat is based on wars. The player can enter his name in the new multiplayer mode.

• In the map editor, you can create your own sites.

Far Cry 4 ps4: review - cooperative passage

Unfortunately, in Far Cry 4, as in itspredecessor, the joint game consists of session tasks that are not related to the main storyline. Cooperative missions, the review of which is available on the Internet, gives the team the opportunity to jointly explore a dangerous world, ride a car, hunt. The main story still remains within a single game.

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But, so that players in the company are not bored,developers have raised the level of complexity of what is happening: the number of enemies has increased, they have become more violent, have learned to shoot more accurately and storm squads. For lone players, the ability to call reinforcements (allies from resistance) is added.

Interesting fact: the players who bought the license, the developers give some keys / codes that download a free cut-down copy of the game, which allows you to play Far Cry 4 for free over the network.

Game world and nature

Players in Far Cry 4 are pleased with the fictionalthe state of Kirat, in which elephants live with snow leopards. For the first time the action of the game takes place not in the jungle or on the beach. Now the hero will face such dangers as cannibals, elephants, yaks, and the sharks will be attacked by huge killer karasis.

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Nature has become more alive, believable andharsh. The animals act as the ceoyjcnm herself commanded them. Wolves prey on prey in packs, and wild dogs learned to surround, and the giant eagle now carries its victim into the nest. It is also interesting that some of the animals are not initially aggressive, but at the same time if their habitats are violated or simple provocation can be answered with an attack. It's funny, but sometimes they try to just scare off the main character, standing on their hind legs or making warning sounds. It's not a fact that a tiger will rush into an attack as soon as he sees a person, or a friendly yak will not want to pounce. It's really impressive and makes the usual game process more entertaining.

Overview of the game Far Cry 4: pumping, weapons and transportation

Skills: as well as before, the main character gets the opportunity to improve his skills and abilities. In Far Cry 4, the character's pumping is possible on two branches - an elephant (self-healing skill) and a tiger (killing skill). Defense skills are present both there and here, as well as attacking or passive. The flow diagram remains simple: four levels for each skill.

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Bleed and unlocked weaponsis tied to missions and, of course, to the progress of studying the world. If the player is not interested in pumping the hero, then the developers allowed to pass the game, even with half-open pumping.

Far Cry 4: review of weapons. In the new Far Cry arsenal of weapons has grown significantly - 64 species. Automatic weapons, explosives and many other "toys" each hero will be able to choose according to his taste and style of play. For close combat, cuts, shotguns and shotguns are provided. To fight at a distance - sniper rifles, crossbows and harpoons. Weapons can be improved, but to get rare specimens, you will have to try.

About transport and technology: in the game there were new flying machines, as well as hybrids: equipped jeeps, trucks, helicopter, quad, boat and much more. A total of 18 new vehicles.

Far Cry 4: DLC Review - The Yeti Valley

The main storyline again succeeded ina firm five. In comparison with the previous part, FC4 distinguished itself by a large number of characters, secondary missions and a more diverse process of their passage. But at the heart of the mission remained the same: chases, walks, seizures, operations to kidnap and destroy enemies.

Side missions are very similar to the previous partshooter. They are short and take quantity, but not quality: capture towers, turn off transmitters, chase through the rivers and bushes, seize checkpoints, collect relics and hunt for rare animals. But the game world captures diversity, and sometimes just want to walk around Kirat.

For fans of the line to the last part of the released add-ons. One of the DLC to Far Cry 4 is the Yeti Valley, the survey and the way of passing the quest are already available to Internet users.

There are also other additions: the operation "Return of Herc", exclusive weapons, "Invasion" with the PVP mode and new maps, and more.

To see another special addition, it's worth watching the review of the game Far Cry 4: Escape from Durgesh Prison, on the passage of which is given only one chance (no checkpoints and save).

Graphic arts

FC 4 received a new modern graphics. The game is designed for modern PC and nextgen console. On modern devices, the graphic image is really worthy. The details of the game world, shadows, volumes of objects and other things are striking.

The most striking thing seems to be the detailing of the general and the background, as well as the view from the height: majestic mountains, fluffy clouds, sunsets and forests.

The game uses the engine Dunia 2, modified and more precisely tuned. In addition to the engine, PC owners will be surprised by such technologies as:

• HBAO + - shadows of the game world - more contrasting and drawn;

• PCSS - thanks to the technology, the shadows become soft and realistic as they move away from the subject;

• TXAA - technique for smoothing artifacts when changing the viewing angle to an object;

• HairWorks - improving the appearance of hair and hair, the movement of which depends on external influences.

Far Cry 4: game review - the ending of the shooter

Since Far Cry 4 assumes severalendings, it is worth dwelling on them. To see the results of their actions after the death or escape of the villain Peygan Mina, you need to go to the specified locations: for Amita - in Tirtha, for Sabal - in the temple of Jalendu.

Read more:

1. You can stay at the dining table (or walk around the house) at the beginning of the game and wait for Pagan to come and lead the hero to Lakshmana, after which he will help fulfill the mother's desire.

2. The path of Amina - after leaving from the table in the beginning, you need to join the "Golden Way". In the competition for power, support Amita and in the end decide whether to eliminate Sabala. Pagan Ming will be killed, and Bhadra will not go to nuns. Kirat returns to drug trafficking and forced labor.

3. The path of Sabala suggests that the protagonist leaves the table and joins the "Golden Way". In the leadership of the resistance movement, it is necessary to support Sabala and eventually Kirat to return to traditions. And Amita will die or not die at the hands of the protagonist. Bhadra will go to the nuns. Peyang Min will be killed.

4. If Pagan Ming remains alive, he leads the protagonist to Lakshmana. There he sits in a helicopter and flies, waving a handkerchief. With the last words he will leave the country to Ajay.

5. You can hit a helicopter Peygan Min, which is given about 2-3 seconds. After the explosion, a new location will open and you will be able to raise your golden arm.


Far Cry 4 has found all the features of the third part. The difference is elephants, snow and Peygan Min instead of Vaasa. Although in the new part there are all the same buildings, quests, villains and a hero who fights against the despotic tyrant, the game turned out to be interesting and fascinating. Final review of the game Far Cry 4 on the PC: the plot is pretty good and polished with great graphics. Particularly pleased with the choice and variability of actions, on which the ending of the shooter depends.