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How to grab a node in Black Desert and how to activate it?

Recently published on the Internetonline game Black Desert from the very beginning of its existence was surprising. Speech, of course, about the scandal with the purchased eternal premium accounts and early access to podpisochnye server, which was not in principle. But the passions slowly subsided, and those of the players who still decided to play in this creation of programmers, faced with another question: how to capture a node in Black Desert?

how to grab a knot in black desert

What it is

Nodes - one of the main economicmaking up the game. Their capture and activation brings the player not only certain resources and profits, but also allows you to get buffs in certain locations and zones. In addition, without activating the node, you can not even collect resources. As you can see, without them, every player has to be tight.

There are several types of nodes:

  • city;
  • trade;
  • outpost;
  • tract;
  • dangerous area.

Of these species, only the city is always immediatelyactivated. To include the rest of the transport network, you have to sweat a bit and find a special NPC, after talking with which, you can start the node. Thus, in Black Desert, the seizure of nodes is a kind of contract with the main "non-writers" in the territory.

black desert node level


One of the biggest problems in the game is determining the location of the NIP opening the node. It is because of this and there are many questions on the game Black Desert - how to activate the node?

The main method of finding the right characteris a journey. That is, you need to walk around the map and look at every crack. After all, some shepherd may be high in the mountains, and the miner, on the contrary, is in a cave under the ground.

However, there are ways to ease your fate.Open the world map. The blue light shows possible trade routes. If such a line breaks, then in this place it is necessary to search for the necessary NIP. Thus, in Black Desert, hijacking nodes is a separate and exciting adventure that will help you get to know the game world.

In addition, some necessary characters are disguised as mobs. Therefore, the only reliable sign of the "right" NIP is the flag that stands side by side.

black desert hijacking

We open

Let's say you came to the location and found the right oneman in the Black Desert. How to open a node? To do this you will need influence points. You can earn them by completing tasks in this area. Unfortunately, their number is strictly limited, especially at the beginning of the game, therefore, to build profitable trade routes, it will be necessary to exert a lot of effort, both physical (waving the sword) and mental (to create the correct logistics). The influence points that have been spent can always be returned, so if you do not like the current state of affairs, you can always rebuild the trade.

So, Black Desert, how to open a node?When talking to the desired NPC, select the item "Logistics". Before you will see a map of the terrain, and to the left - a menu and a description of the current node, including the number of "Influence", which must be spent on activation. To enable it, click on the "Make" button. Your glasses will be disposed of, and the item will automatically be included in the network.

black desert how to activate the node


In addition to grabbing a merchant site in BlackDesert, you can improve it. You probably already noticed that the character has a level of energy that is consumed when communicating with the characters. So, in the same menu in which we opened the node, there is a information bar. It says how much more you need to have the experience node before upgrading, and also there is an "Investment" button. No, in Black Desert the level of the node will not take your money, but it will require certain costs in terms of endurance. On the button in parentheses you will see the amount of energy needed to increase the level.

In Black Desert, the node level gives you a largeprofit, the best buffs. Do not hesitate to invest your energy, especially if you quit the game. Release it all, so it will be restored to your next entrance, and the income will be higher.


But not everything is so colorful. Question: "Black Desert, how to activate the node?" - does not dare so simply. After all, in addition, to simply find the right character, you have to fulfill several conditions. Otherwise, the node's connection menu simply does not open.

  1. The first and most important point is to accumulate a sufficient number of Fractional Points. Without them, even opening the interface, you can not do anything.
  2. Some "nepisi" can be related to each other by quests. So, until you complete the previous quest, the new character may refuse to talk with you in principle.
  3. Time. Yes, people are sleeping here, too. Many characters are awake only at a certain time, and you can only communicate with them in a specific period.
  4. You must achieve a certain level of trust with the NIP.

As you can see, in Black Desert, hijacking nodes can be a real problem if you can not correctly calculate many parameters before returning or appearing at a certain point.

black desert how to open a node


We figured out how to grab a knot in Black Desert. Now it must be connected to a common network, so that it can be useful. If the sawmill does not communicate with the city by the tract, it will not benefit the owner. Therefore, there are two options, according to which you need to understand how to grab a node in Black Desert.

  1. You have seized the place of extraction of resources. Between him and the city should appear "road", highlighted by a fat blue line. If it breaks off somewhere in the middle of the way, then you need to go to this point and find a transfer point there (node ​​type - path).
  2. If you got control of the road, open the map. On it you need to find the nearest resources and go grab them. Otherwise, there will be no sense from the path.

If you understand how to grab a node in BlackDesert, do not rush headlong to subordinate everything to yourself. The number of points of influence in each area is limited, so in time you will have to choose which of the mines to abandon, and to which one to pave a new path.