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Wolfenstein: The New Order. The game does not start

It would seem that the sphere of computer gamesprogress, there are real masterpieces, which can be safely reckoned as full-fledged works of art. But with all this, many gamers continue to experience difficulties when launching some projects, which, of course, frustrates them. Unfortunately, it is impossible to write such an impressive, versatile and detailed program, which is any computer game, so that it can be launched with 100% probability without any errors. Too many factors can affect this process, so you better not be upset that something is not working, and look for ways to solve the problem, since they are available in 99 percent of the cases. This article will focus on those situations in which one of the last large-scale shooters Wolfenstein: The New Order does not start. How to cope with the difficulties that have arisen?

System requirements

wolfenstein the new order does not start

If you play Wolfenstein:The New Order does not start, then you first need to check "hardware" - the fact is that this project is one of the newest. And everyone knows that in the last couple of years computer games have made a huge leap forward - they have become much more advanced in all respects, but this also affected the system requirements. Therefore, it's worthwhile to look carefully, so that the processor, RAM, and video card fully comply with at least what is indicated in the minimum system requirements. If any of the components are not powerful enough, then it's not surprising that Wolfenstein: The New Order does not start on the computer - it lacks the resources that a PC can provide to run. The only way out of this situation is to upgrade the computer.

Additional software

wolfenstein does not start the new order

What to do if your computer is completelymeets the system requirements, but still the game Wolfenstein: The New Order does not start on the PC? In this case, you need to focus on the software components. And first of all concentrate on the additional software that you need to install to run every computer game. If you receive an error message at startup, you need to read what is written there, and from this it will be possible to draw conclusions which software is not enough. However, it's much easier to immediately install all the necessary distributions, such as DirectX or Visual C ++, and then update them periodically to never experience such problems.

System width

wolfenstein the new order does not start the black screen

One of the most serious "diseases" of moderngamers who use computers not the last two years of assembly, is the bit depth of the operating system. Many still use the 32-bit Windows system, and then wonder why they do not start the game Wolfenstein: The New Order. The fact is that almost all modern projects no longer support 32-bit operating systems, so they are categorically refused to run on them. Accordingly, you will need to install a 64-bit version of Windows to run both this game and many others released in the last couple of years, as well as those that will appear in the future.

Important point

There are certain features of the launch,which you need to check if you have Wolfenstein: The New Order does not start. A black screen may appear at boot, for example, if the computer does not issue enough rights to the game. To fix this is quite simple - you just need to run the project on behalf of the administrator. It is also worth considering the fact that the game constantly checks the connection to the Internet in order to connect to the databases on the network. And it may refuse to start if you have incorrectly set the date and time on the computer.