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How to activate Windows XP and start working on a PC

A personal computer for sure is today in theevery house, and we no longer imagine how we could have managed without it. Many modern users prefer to engage in personal computer maintenance. At the same time they have quite normal questions, for example: "How to activate Windows XP?" This publication is devoted to the answer to the question.

So, after installing on your personalcomputer we need to activate Windows XP - SP3 / SP2, what does this mean? And this means literally the following: we will actually have to register the operating system in Microsoft Corporation with our subsequent actions. You should also know that if you install yourself a copy of the OS, but do not activate Windows XP - SP2 / SP3, then you need to be prepared for the fact that at the end of the 30-day period, it will stop working.

Accordingly, after the usera personal computer installed an operating system on it, he needs to know how to activate Windows XP to get started. The matter is that at the first startup, the operating system will propose its activation automatically. Without an Internet connection, you can activate Vindous by phone, so access to the World Wide Web should be configured and secured.

How can I activate Windows XP with my phone?There are such numbers, having made a call on which Microsoft Corporation allows users from many countries to activate the OS. However, as soon as possible, we can perform the necessary procedure by connecting to the Internet. So it will be much more comfortable and convenient than using special phone numbers.

You can activate the OS using the license code.This is, in fact, a numerical set, which is necessarily supplied with each licensed copy of the operating system distribution. Ideally, for each such OS copy, you must apply one unique license code. There is a special function of MPA (Microsoft Product Activation), whose task is to prevent installation of copies of one OSE on several personal computers and their subsequent activation.

So, we know that OS activation is carried outeither by phone or via the Internet. How to activate Windows XP, if the user for the first time automatically postponed the process? This should in any case be done no later than 30 days after the installation of the OS. To do this, you need to click the "Start" button, go to the "Applications" tab, go back to "Standard", and then to "Service". Now select and run the menu item "Activating Windows XP".

During the activation of the Windows operating systemthe serial numbers of the equipment installed on the personal computer are read out. With the help of these data, the operating system can automatically create a special individual installation number. It consists of 50 characters and is subsequently transferred to the appropriate Microsoft service.

The methods of transmission are indicated above - this is a telephone,The Internet. In response, the user receives a different number, which is called the confirmation code. It should be entered in the appropriate fields, which has the "OS Activation Wizard". If you select an activation method using the Internet, the above processes are performed automatically. Thus, the operating system gets the binding to the PC on which it was installed and activated. You can not reinstall the same copy of Windows XP to another "machine".

Now you know how to activate Windows XP.It should also be remembered that for some time (120 days) after activation, Windows does not allow updating the hardware installed on the PC, but after this period you can "upgrade" your computer as much as you want.