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As in "Skyrim" remove the squares: all possible ways

It is not uncommon for the font to distort afterrussification of Skyrim. The letters in the game and consoles are replaced by squares and other unreadable symbols. Many people faced this problem, but far from everyone knows how to solve it.

Squares in the game

The question of how to remove squares in Skyrim, torments many. In order to fully respond to it, you need to understand the cause of this problem.

how to remove squares in skyrim

It is covered in the fact that the game usesOwn fonts, and their replacement is not allowed. After Russification, the standard font "Skyrim" FuturaTCYLigCon is replaced with the Arial system font. However, the game of such a font does not know, and, therefore, it can not be used and correctly displayed. Therefore the text is displayed with squares. This problem is fixed quite simply.

It should be noted that the Russian version of the game is simplereplaces the font used, but in no case does it delete, all the game's original data is stored in the same place as it was after installation. It is not necessary to panic, all you need to do in order to remove the squares in the game is:

  1. Go to the root folder of the game.

  2. Open the Data folder.

  3. Next Interface.

  4. In the interface folder, find fontconfig.txt.

  5. Open this file with notepad.

  6. Find the line $ ConsoleFont = Arial Normal.

  7. Replace this line with: $ ConsoleFont = FuturaTCYLigCon Normal.

skyrim how to remove the squares in the console

After these simple actions are completed, the squares in the game will disappear and an adequate text will appear.


We continue to talk about "Skyrim".How to remove squares in the game? This question is pretty simple, and you can handle it in a couple of minutes. But there is no less important question, exciting a lot of players: how to remove the squares in the console?

Both these questions belong to one large family:as in "Skyrim" remove the squares. With the console everything is a bit more complicated. But nevertheless this problem is also solved. It usually arises for all players. Some people after Russification, and some even without it. It consists in this: when russification, not only the original fonts used by the game are replaced, but also the system file that sets the language used by the console (by default English).

If you are interested in playing Skyrim, how to remove the squares in the console, you must know. In order to answer this question, it is necessary to conduct a number of simple actions:

  1. Go to C: Users GamesSkyrim.

  2. And open the file Skyrim.ini using the Notepad application.

  3. Find the lines [General] sLanguage = RUSSIAN.

  4. And to add below them one more line sConsole = ENGLISH.

Solving problems with the console

But after changing the Skyrim file.ini boxes in the console can stay. This is due to the fact that the program does not work with the Russian language, and the language is not changed by the standard alt + shift combination. And the question "How to remove the squares in Skyrim?" Again torments the gamer.

This problem has two solutions. Both are completely uncomplicated and do not require any special skills. The first way is to install third-party Puntoswitcher software. This program effectively struggles with the problem associated with writing Russian words in the English layout. But it does not always help. The most effective way to solve the language problem in the console is to change the default language. To change it you need:

  1. In the tray next to the clock, find the icon for the RU or EN language.

  2. Right-click on it.

  3. Click the Settings tab.

  4. In the window that opens, in the "Default input language" area, select English.

  5. Click OK.

skyrim how to remove the squares in the game

After that, the question "How to remove the squares in Skyrim?" Will be more irrelevant for you. Have a good game!