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Fallout 3 does not start - what should I do?

Computer games, unfortunately, are notideal programs. They also have certain moods in those or other cases. Even if you buy a licensed copy, for example, Fallout 3, there is no absolute guarantee that you can run this project without problems. Naturally, the probability of their occurrence becomes much lower than if you used a pirated version, but here the reason may be already your hardware, as well as the configuration and settings of your system. In general, if you do not run Fallout 3 even from a licensed disk, then you should go for some popular items that solve this problem quickly and painlessly.

System requirements

fallout 3 does not start

Very often people forget that their computerwas new and ultra-modern already about five years ago, and now it is average, even if not completely bad. And if you do not start Fallout 3, do not immediately blame the game or developers. Perhaps the problem lies in your computer. In order to find out the true reason, you need to go to the developer's site and find there the official system requirements for the game. After that, you can either manually or by using a special program that collects information about the computer, get information about your hardware, its configuration. Then, compare the points and requirements of the data, paying special attention to the processor, RAM and graphics card. And if on any of these items your computer is weaker than the minimum system requirements, the issue is resolved. Simply your computer is not powerful enough so that you can play this RPG, so you do not start Fallout 3. Here the only way out is an upgrade that will allow you to play not only in Fallout 3, but also in other modern games.

Updates of the video card drivers

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A video card, or rather, its drivers, very oftenare a headache for any gamer. It's possible that your copy of Fallout 3 does not start because your drivers are out of date. Even if you recently updated them, you'd better go to the site of the manufacturer of your video card, find it in the list and check the relevance of the drivers. It is likely that a new version has appeared that you should download and install to run Fallout 3. Naturally, this is not a 100% guarantee of solving the problem, so you should know about other methods. In most cases, you do not need to know why Fallout 3 does not start - it will be easier to follow the instructions and understand how to solve the problem. And do not stubbornly look for its causes.

Compatible with Windows 2000

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Previous mentioning that the cause of the problemnot so important, is drawn first of all to this decision. And especially this helps, if you use the "Steam" client to enter the game. The point is that if your copy of Fallout 3 (Steam) does not start, you need to create a shortcut to the game on the desktop, and select the start in compatibility mode and select the Windows 2000 system in the properties. It's hard to say why, but this method is very often works, and this game begins to function quite normally, if you run it under the artificial shell Win2000. Accordingly, henceforth, you will need to run the game only from this shortcut, if this solution helped you. But what if I do not? If there is still the same problem with Fallout 3 - the game does not start even on a powerful computer, with the latest drivers for the video card, and also in compatibility mode?

The association of spd files

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Another way to solve this problemis this: you will need to remove the association of spd files. Such files are found in the folder with the game, but on many computers they are already associated with a program that can reproduce them. In some cases, this blocks these files in the game itself, so it crashes already in the first stages of the launch. To get rid of this problem, you need to disable the association of the spd files with the program to which they are bound - most often it happens, for example, QuickTime Player. This is done fairly easily through the control panel, after which the game should earn as it should.


Installing various distribution applications alsocan help in the case of Fallout 3, as well as with other computer games. Gone are the days when the installation of the game consisted exclusively in unpacking the archive or running the installer. You need, besides the game itself, to install also the distribution kit - special programs that are designed to accompany the work of the game itself. Without them, Fallout 3 will be buggy or not at all. Therefore, you need to find installers of all modern popular distributions, such as DirectX, VCRedist, Visual C ++, net.Framework and so on, install the latest versions on your computer, and you will notice how many games will start to function much better, and those that do They did not start up, they would quietly work and they will not bother you anymore. Thus, the distribution can solve many of your problems, not just the issue with the launch of Fallout 3. Naturally, there is a possibility that this solution will not help either. Then you should already contact technical support to solve your issue privately.