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Hyde on Tidehunter (Dota 2) - how to pump and use?

Importance of tanks in multi-player role-playinggames can not be overemphasized. If someone still does not know what the term "tank" means, then he should as soon as possible understand that it is a character who has a large supply of health and an impressive figure of armor. This allows the tank to collect damage from the opponents, not allowing them to attack its weaker teammates. In addition, the tank often has a good attack to not only collect damage, but also to inflict it. In "DotA" there are a wide variety of tanks, each of which has its own original skills, and also requires different approaches. But one of the most interesting is Tydhunter - a character that can hardly be driven into the framework of exclusively tanking. To understand its concept, you should read this guide on Tidehunter. Dota 2 is a game in which you decide how to pump the character, so you can not make a step-by-step guide. However, it is possible to give certain recommendations both in terms of skills, and on the main advantages and disadvantages of the character.

Advantages and disadvantages

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At the very beginning of the game you will experiencecertain problems with this hero, because he will have very little mana. But to use the abilities it is exactly what you need, so you will have to adjust. Also, you obviously will not have enough armor, which is critical for the tank, but the way out of this position will help you find a guide on Tidehunter. Dota 2 is a game in which everything is very balanced, so you do not have to worry that your hero will remain in the front rows without armor - for everything there is a compensation, which will be discussed later.

Now from the shortcomings of the hero is to move toreasons why you should try it out. First of all, this is just the opposite of mana's health reserve - it is simply huge, which is also a compensation for the low level of armor. Well, it's worth noting that Taydhunter can stun a whole crowd of opponents at once, and also be cleared of debuffs - these are incredibly useful skills that may well incline you to choose this particular hero. Finally, you will be convinced by the guide on Tidehunter. Dota 2 is a game in which the most important role is assigned to the skills - that's what they are about now.


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Usually the first skill is either the most useful,or one of the most, but in the case of Tidehunter this is not so. Naturally, we can not say that Gash is useless at all - it's just not useful for you at the initial stages of the game. But what does this skill have to offer? This will tell you a guide on Tidehunter.

Dota 2 is a team game, that is youyou need to think about what will be best for your partners and for the success of your mission, not just for you. Therefore, no matter what the great temptation to pump out Gash right away, it's better to leave it for later. At the fourth level, you can activate this ability, but do it when the rest is all pumped.

So, this skill is a long-range weapon, itlaunches a water flow that inflicts 110 to 260 damage to all enemies in its path, depending on the level of ability. In addition, it reduces opponents' armor by a value between 2 and 5 and slows their movement by forty percent - these effects last four seconds. But if this skill is the last to pump, then what does it recommend to download from the very beginning a guide to Taydhunter? "DotA 2" assigns a lot of importance to the skill build, so pay attention to how the skill points will be further distributed.

Kraken Schell

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Remember that your character is not verya lot of armor? Kraken Shell is a kind of compensation, which allows you to also cleanse of any debuffs. However, this skill is quite difficult - about mechanics you will be told in more detail a guide to Taydhunter.

"DotA 2" is a game in whichdebuffs can bring a lot of trouble, so this skill is very useful. It absorbs 10 damage on the first level and 40 on the last, while it has a certain capacity, that is, the amount of damage it can absorb. At the first level, this is 600 units, and at the last level it is already 450. It would seem that this is not very good, but in fact it is still more complicated. The fact is that when the above limit is reached, the armor disappears, and your character is at this moment cleared from the debuffs. Six seconds of armor is missing, and then reappears, providing the character with almost permanent protection and periodic cleaning from the debuffs. However, this is only the second most useful skill. Which is the first? Learn, then studied the guide to Taydhunter.

Encore Smash

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In any case, you need to download this skill, soas with it, you can untwist the anchor around yourself and inflict 75 to 225 damage to the enemies within six seconds. But that's not all - for the same six seconds, the enemies under the anchor get a 45% reduction in damage for the first level and up to 60% for the latter. To correctly use such a powerful skill, you do not even need a guide to Tidehunter! Well, let's go further.


A powerful ult finish this guide on the Tide. "DotA 2" is a game in which the ults are of great importance, so players who do not pump them make a huge mistake. So, in Tide, the latter ability allows you to create around yourself fluctuations with the help of tentacles. First, tentacles cause serious damage - from 200 to 380 units, depending on the level. But much more important is the fact that all opponents are stunned for 2-3 seconds.

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Taydhunter's Roles

As already mentioned, Tide is one of the mostinteresting tanks in the game. He can also act as an initiator or as a disableer. But the most unusual thing is the fact that a wonderful support comes out of it.