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Which operating system for mobile devices is better - android or windows?

Android or Windows.
Before purchasing a variety of mobile devices, most
clients there is one very important question: "What will be better to choose: android
or windows?"In addition to the above operating systems, there are also iOS, BlackBarry OS, Mozilla OS and Meego. But to be objective, the last three products have not yet gained much popularity. BlackBarry OS and Meego belong to the experimental OS, and Mozilla OS is a relatively new project, which, perhaps, will still have its say. Therefore, for most potential buyers, now it is only a matter of choosing between iOS, android or windows.


Essentially, this operating system wasused in the first tablet PC. It is a closed platform. From here appear both disadvantages and advantages. Its advantages are the following: stability and security. But the disadvantages are: most software is paid, high cost (both devices and programs) and incomplete compatibility with other products of this class. Therefore, the choice is reduced to android or windows, as to cheaper and open OS.

Comparison of android.


Initially, Microsoft products were developedfor personal computers. The moment this tablet appeared, the software developer released from view, and therefore in the fire order developed its product for this class of devices - Windows 7.5, code-named "Mango". But the moment of a favorable start was

How does the android differ from Windows?
lost, and now the company has to applyconsiderable effort to enter this market. One such is the purchase of the Finnish manufacturer of such devices - "Nokia". In addition, the release of devices on this platform from Taiwan's "HTC" and Korean "Samsung" is encouraged. Now the current version of Windows comes with an index of 8.0. In the foreseeable future, it is planned to upgrade to 8.1. The necessary programs are gradually appearing, and there are also free versions. This is still enough to occupy a confident third place in this market, but no more. Now we'll figure out what the android is different from, and draw a conclusion as to what is best to choose.


It is this OS from the North American companyGoogle is the main for tablets and smartphones. Open architecture, a large set of necessary programs, low cost of end devices - this is not a complete list of those advantages, because of which this platform has become today No. 1. It is based on these advantages, most people buy devices on this platform. Therefore, the choice between android or windows is obvious - this is the first operating system. And while the preconditions for the situation to change, is not visible. Updates come out with an enviable regularity, like devices. And not only from Google, but also from other developers - Samsung, Sony and many others. Such diversity has led to the fact that everyone can find exactly what he needs.


Now the market for mobile devices, manyoperating systems. But only three of them have become widespread so far: Android, iOS and Windows. The market share of the last two of them is much less than the first. Leader one is a product from Google. Here is a comparison of android and windows, for example, suggests that there is no alternative to the first.