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Lifeless Planet: walkthrough

Today we will talk about the game Lifeless Planet, the passage of which will be described later. It starts with an introductory video. Watch it and get to the action.


lifeless planet
From the video, we learn the background of Lifeless Planet.Passage will be considered by us now in all details. And so we go to the destroyed shuttle and read the electronic message. We are looking for a team. We follow the unobtrusive path past the huge stone. Passage of the game Lifeless Planet this stage is seriously complicated by the lack of sufficient oxygen. In order not to faint, we find this necessary gas for life. We follow the path until we see a sparkling point in the distance. We approach the mobile device for oxygen supply. The level of this gas will be restored automatically. On the side we see a sparkling point. We take a magazine and learn more about the devices. We follow the directions of the satellite antenna of this device. In the distance, we see huge stones. We go to the right. We follow in the direction of a huge stone, which looks like a tree. We rise to the mountain on the left and jump to the ledge, reaching the edge.

Lifeless Planet: the passage of the foothills

We move forward, we jump on a cobblestone.He will collapse. We go on the flooded cave. we raise the electronic diary at the output. The hero says that the jet pack is working. After that, we can use "double jumps". We jump on the stones in this way, until we reach the necessary part of the land. We select a diary. We go straight through the water. We follow the mountain along the path. It is on the right side. We turn into a narrow passage, located on the right. We find manganese carbonate.


Passage of game lifeless planet
We move to the city.Near the house on the left we select a note. Next, pay attention to the ruined roof. Below it, in the attic, there is a table on which lies a note. We need to get there. To do this, we roll up a barrel that fell near to others. Thanks to the resulting structure, we have the opportunity to jump into the necessary attic, which we do. We read the message. Get a piece of code to the laboratory - 549. We go down. We run across the road, heading for the tank. Nearby there is a house, near it there is a tape recorder. We are listening to the recording of a Soviet scientist. We follow the left side of the city and see houses that are steeped in the sand. We find a settlement. Go left, see a few graves on the hill. We raise the message that lies nearby. Now you can cope with the most difficult stages of Lifeless Planet, the passage of this will help you.