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How to change the password in "Maincrafter" for a more reliable

Account protection in multiplayer games is notcan be carried out by some special means. Most often for these purposes is a password that the user comes up with himself, then to enter it and get into the game. Naturally, you need to remember this password, but do not tell anyone that your account was yours, and no one could penetrate it. If this still happened, that is, you found any evidence that another person was using your account, you should definitely contact the administration. Precisely on this principle, there is a protection of accounts in all games, including in the popular sandbox "Minecraft." However, this game has its own peculiarities concerning the password change. Many novice users can not understand how to change the password in "Maincraft", and because of this they face certain difficulties.

Reason for changing password

how to change password in mayncecraft

To begin with it is necessary to consider the mostCommon reasons for changing the password. After all, if you understand that your password to you, in principle, is suitable, then you do not need to look for an answer to the question of how to change the password in "Maynkraft." Most often, changing the password is due to the fact that the user has set a very simple combination of characters, and therefore worries that it can be easily cracked. Indeed, it's better to take action immediately if you understand that your account may be in danger than to wait for this probability to turn into reality. However, there are also opposite situations: the user sets a password too complicated for security purposes and can not remember it. Even if he keeps this password in front of the computer on a piece of paper, each time to enter a complex set of characters in the desired field is not very convenient. Therefore, users prefer to change the password to a simpler one, so as not to suffer. And then the question of how to change the password in "Maynkraft" becomes urgent.

Using the console

how to change the password in maincraft
The password in this game can only be changeduniquely - using the game console. In many games, it is called with a tilde, but here everything happens a little differently. If you want to figure out how to change the password in "Maincraft", you have to go into the game and click not the tilde but the slash. The difference is small, but for those accustomed to a common hotkey this can be a problem. After the appearance of the console line in it, you need to enter the command "password", which activates the password change. Then you need to write the old character set that you used to enter the game, and then the new one - with it, you will later activate your account. Now you know how to change the password in "Maincraft", but even with such a fairly simple action, there are sometimes difficulties.

Error while verifying the password

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When you change the password, you may haveerror that does not allow entering the game. This can be a real problem, since it is most likely that you just entered the wrong password that you wanted. Perhaps you made a mistake in one character, and for you it will be real salvation if you made a mistake when trying to enter the game. Since if this happened during the password change phase, then you will not be able to recognize the character set that was entered. Moreover, you will not be able to change the password again, because you will need to enter an old value that you do not know. As a result, you will have to contact the administration, so there are even unspoken rules for entering a password into Meincraft, as well as in other games. You need to double-check your password, make sure that you remember it correctly, write it down or even take a picture. Also, when registering, there are often two fields for entering a password, so that you double-write the values, and if you make a mistake in one field, and in the other one correctly write the password, the system will report it. But back to how to change the password in the "Maincraft" on the server, if you yourself can not do this.

Appeal to the administration

how to change the password in maincraft on the server
It is always recommended to resolve password issuesyourself, since this is not the most difficult task. Asking administrators to change the password is inconvenient - they have a huge number of other more complex and important tasks that they need to think about. But if an emergency situation does happen, you can contact the administration, explain your situation and ask for a password change. Naturally, this will take much longer, since the moderators will not immediately receive your request, then they will need to process it, fulfill your wishes, and only then you can go back to the server.

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