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Why does not the computer see the column? How to fix?

A computer is a complicated technique, which is oftencauses a lot of problems and questions for users. To her, you can connect a huge number of different kinds of devices. Most PC owners supply their equipment with speakers. But they do not always work. Sometimes there are complaints that the computer does not see the column. For what reasons can this happen? What is necessary to correct the situation? Why do the columns refuse to work properly? Understand all this easier than it seems. The main problem is finding the cause of the device malfunction. Often it is found by excluding certain situations.

Incorrect connection

The first and very common reason for the failure of any device attached to the computer is the wrong connection. Therefore, at the outset, panic should not be raised.

the computer does not see the column

The computer does not see the column?It is necessary to check how correctly the user connected them. There are several sockets on the PC panel. Usually they are painted in different colors and are marked with a variety of miniatures.

If the speakers are connected correctly, the plug will be plugged into the line-in jack. It is necessary to find a nest near which headphones are depicted. It is in this column.

Some people prefer a USB headset. In this case, the speakers must be connected to the USB port. Be sure to turn on the device on the network.

Sound card

Why does not the computer see the column? For example, if the user can say with certainty that the headset was connected correctly, the reason is probably more in the sound card.

You must go to "Device Manager".To do this, you need to right-click on the "My Computer" icon, then select the appropriate service. Next, the user selects the item "Sound, game and video devices."

why the computer does not see the column

What can be seen in the list?If some devices (sound) work normally or with errors, the situation can be fixed without any problems. But more on that later. After all, under such circumstances, the computer does not see the column, and the operating system requires a corresponding package of additional programs for proper operation.

When there are nospeakers or sound devices, it is generally assumed that the sound card is malfunctioning. It is recommended to connect a different headset. Did the error happen again? Then you can safely change the sound card in the PC.


And what if the computer does not see the column (no sound), but are they displayed in the "Device Manager"? Most likely, the cause of the problem is corrupted or obsolete drivers.

the computer does not see the windows 7 column

Fix the situation will help reinstall or update the appropriate software. To do this you need:

  1. Go to the speaker's website.
  2. Find the model of the device connected to the PC in the list.
  3. Download the latest driver for the speakers. Be sure to pay attention to the version of the operating system for which the content is downloaded.
  4. Install the driver or update it. The process differs little from the initialization of a regular program.

Further it is recommended to restart the computer. After that, the connected speakers should earn.

Hardware malfunction

But this is not all the situations that users can face. What should I do if the computer does not see the column?

It would be nice to check the device onserviceability. It is often the damage to the columns that leads to the fact that they can not cope with their task. To implement the idea, another PC will work well.

A malfunction of the speakers is a problem inherent in mostly old equipment. It is solved either by repairing faults, or by replacing the headset.

what to do if the computer does not see the column


Another feature that users are increasingly faced with is the incompatibility of the connected equipment with the operating system or hardware of the PC. To correct the situation is not so difficult.

The computer does not see the column?It is required to check the conformity of the machine to the minimum system requirements of the device. If they are satisfied, the reason for the device's failure to work is something else.

System requirements are not satisfied? Then the following outputs are offered:

  1. Buy new speakers that are compatible with your computer. Actually, if the PC is new, and the connected equipment has been running for a long time.
  2. Upgrade your computer so that it matches the needs of the speakers.

There are no other options. It is because of the incompatibility of devices that it is recommended to carefully study the system requirements of any equipment before purchasing.

System settings

Did the computer stop seeing the speakers?If the device worked fine until a certain moment, and then suddenly refused to perform its functions, it's best to check the operating system settings. More precisely, all the programs and options that work with the headset.

the computer stopped seeing columns

It is likely that the operating system recognized the speakers, but did not set them up as a sound playback device. To fix the situation, it is required:

  1. Click on the right mouse button on the gramophone image at the bottom right of the screen (about hours) in the operating system.
  2. Select "Playback Devices".
  3. In the "Playback" tab, select the connected speakers and click on the "Default" button.

It is also recommended to adjust the volumesound reproduction. To do this, after the actions done, click on the gramophone near the clock in the computer and adjust the position of the slider. The higher it is, the louder the sound.

Other problems

In fact, this is not all the reasons why a computer does not see the column. There are a lot of them. Users may encounter a similar problem in the following circumstances:

  1. The computer is infected with viruses. Usually, in this case, the OS ceases to recognize the headset for no apparent reason, dramatically. The PC is being treated, after which the problem is safely eliminated.
  2. The user has a pirated copy of the OS. Replacing the system or reinstalling it helps to get rid of the problem. Sometimes it's enough just to restart the computer.
  3. System failure. No one is immune from them. The computer does not see the column? Windows 7 or any other system is not so important. If all the above methods have not helped, you can roll back the system at the time the device worked properly.

if the PC does not see the column

To foresee the true cause of device failure from work is not so simple. The computer does not see the speaker and does not reproduce the sound - two similar problems. And every user should be able to distinguish between them.