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The best quests on PC: an overview

Know the best quests on PC fans of thisgenre is definitely worth it, because all these games must be passed, and even several times. The category in the industry developed since the 90s of the last century. During this time of worthy projects there was a huge amount, and therefore most of them should be known.

Famous Adventures

To search for good 2D quests on the PC did not lasttoo long, fans of the genre should pay attention to the series Broken Sword. The first two parts are made in this style with an active application of the search for objects. In the third and fourth part, the transition to 3D has already been applied, and the emphasis is more on plot adventures. In 2010, there was a reissue of the first legendary projects from the line, so fans can immediately use remasters. In games, there are many beautiful puzzles that require wit. At the same time, the story tells about hunting for artifacts, saving the world, betrayal, which captivates users for several hours.

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Mythology in interesting design

Mention of the best quests on the PC will always beincomplete if it does not attend the game Grim Fandango. This project appeared in the late twentieth century and managed to turn the whole genre. The authors used revolutionary interaction with things and characters inside the world. This happens at the maximum approach to them, which creates an interesting impression. The plot tells how a hero named Manuel Calavera falls into the world of the dead. The afterlife was based on the myths of the Aztecs and ancient American legends. The protagonist could not even imagine that after his death he would have the same ordinary existence in a spiritual form. Only here the environment is quite different, the creatures in it are also quite strange, but you have to get used to it. The plot was liked by many users with puzzles. In 2015, the winner of many gaming nominations was waiting for a re-release, which happened successfully. Now you can try the game in high resolution with updated graphics.

A series of games about Sherlock Holmes

The most famous fictional detective in allthe world is the ideal protagonist for adventure games with puzzles. This is the first to guess the developers of the company Frogwares, which since 2002, produce projects series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. In total, there were already seven, and they are all included in the list of the best quests on the PC. The concept of the gameplay for fifteen years has completely changed. Qualitative investigations with unusual twists and turns in history have remained, but starting in 2012, three projects show the application of the deductive method. The user independently puts the hooks together and chooses the most suitable option to which they lead. This gives an opportunity to think actively, because it is very easy to make an erroneous decision, and you can check only at the end of the episode. The developers have tried to make interesting puzzles, and each of them can be skipped. The player is sometimes given the opportunity to play for Watson, Toby's dog or even Holmes's agent for Wiggins data mining.

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Traveling to the cold edge

The first two parts of the series "Siberia" deservedly includedin the rating of the best quests on the PC, and the third part did not live up to high expectations, because it was delayed for fifteen years and morally obsolete. Begins the story of the main character Kate Walker with an order to reissue the old factory for the production of toys. To do this, the young lawyer goes to one Swiss town, where he discovers the death of the owner. Anna Vorarberg has no heirs left, and therefore all property must go to his nephew Hans. Only now he himself disappeared, and the heroine will have to find him, in order to understand all the strange things, which step by step becomes larger. The game process is to uncover riddles in the whole history through the passage of locations. In all of them for the player prepared a lot of complex puzzles that will make a lot of thinking. The series has an interesting drawing schedule, which pleases the eye nicely.

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The life of one small robot

Among the best drawing quests on PC nicediffers the work of 2009 under the name Machinarium. In the homonymous city, only robots live, and one of them is expelled from it. The main character Josef is not guilty of anything, but he was framed. The usual cleaner was sent to a landfill, and it was even scattered in parts. Now he has to collect the body under the strict guidance of the players, penetrate into his hometown and prove his innocence. During the journey, he learns about the plans of evil robots from the band "Black Hats". They intended to undermine a building, and Josef could become the only savior. This project was created for three years by the forces of seven people. As a result of the minimal cash investments, they got the best indie game of the year, which enabled them to enlist the support for further work. The unique atmosphere and painting of the surrounding world deserve the attention of every fan of the genre.

The satirical trilogy

Everyone wants to improve their lives, andthis desire in a satirical form became the basis of the trilogy Deponia. High ratings of each part from critics and fans are the reason to include it in the rating of the best games-quests on PC. The plot begins with the fact that the main character Rufus is going to escape from his dumping planet. His father did it once, and so he is also going to repeat it. Only now the guy is not a very good inventor, as a result of which his attempts to get to the neighboring beautiful planet Elysium end unsuccessfully. In one such experiment, he manages to get on a space ship and witness strange events. Now for him the main goal was to save the beautiful girl and uncover the plot. Stylistics, graphics and wonderful humor - all this is present in the trilogy. The whole series will give a lot of emotions, because even the puzzles in it are made with an original approach.

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Black and white symphony

Among the best horror quests on the PC isNote the Limbo project. This is a mix of adventure genres and platformer with a lot of different puzzles. This does not explain the plot features, because the player immediately takes control of the boy, who is running somewhere. The developers opened the veil of secrecy and said that the guy wants to save his sister. In this project, riddles are only the first attractive part. The second is precisely the atmosphere of mystery and mild fright. This is supported by black and white graphics in all gradations of these colors. The chip played great, because many users liked the style. The authors of the project managed to make an interesting gameplay in the sense that here the puzzles from the first time are not easy to solve. You often die, but at the same time, you will never have to stand in one place for long. Passage takes several hours, but gives emotions for several days.

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Parallel Worlds

In the ranking of the best games in the genre of the quest for PCdeservedly takes pride of place and the project Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. The game is a legend for the whole generation. This adventure product allows you to try on the role of the three main characters who live in different worlds. The plot is harmoniously intertwined between the characters and binds them together. In this game there are several different endings, depending on the decisions taken during the passage. For 2006, the graphics look good enough, and locations attract attention. In all three worlds, users will be thrown into different conditions, where they will have to make decisions for further advancement. The game is worth attention if only because it causes a lot of emotions throughout the entertainment, and endings can surprise a lot of people. The interlacing of high technologies and bright fantasy was put together perfectly well. The world feels alive, which is important for adventure projects.

Russian classics

Back in 1998, the first representativeseries "Petka and Vasily Ivanovich" in the ranking of the best Russian quests on the PC. In the title role, the same characters who participate in a wide variety of adventures. Chapaev and his orderly Petya save the world, penetrate into enemy territory and are engaged in other affairs. The gameplay is quite simple even for classic adventures. The player will have to collect items, apply them to solve simple puzzles and sometimes participate in mini-games. The main feature of all parts in this series is sparkling humor. Developers ridicule different moments of real life, raise a similar method of certain problems, create parodies for many personalities. It is because of the atmosphere in the gameplay that attention is accented only by half, but from this series does not get worse. To all lovers of adventure genre it is recommended to try without fail to play the role of two Russian heroes.

Riddles and metamorphoses

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In the category of the best quests of all time on PCdeservedly worth adding a second project from Limbo developers called Inside. The genre was again a mixture of platforming and puzzles, but in another entourage. The meaning of the story each user must decipher for himself. During the whole journey, the player will throw up food for thought in the form of incomprehensible landscapes or human experiments. The main advantage of this project is that it forces every second to run forward to the very end. It spurs interest in revealing what is happening in this fictional world. The atmosphere was more than good, but they did not sacrifice puzzles either. There are no identical actions, every puzzle is unique because of the application of the external environment. Graphics is characterized by a qualitative selection of colors, and you want to add music to your playlist. Such a pleasure is enough for several hours, but any player will want to return to this strange world.

War on the other side

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Another not quite classical representativegenre in the list of the best quests for PC is the work of Valiant Hearts: The Great War. History shows the First World Eye of four people that they were on opposite sides of the barricades. All of them already from the first moments experienced all the bitterness of the war. For them, the interests of states are not important, because spiritual closeness is more important for people. They are not indifferent to each other, as seen throughout the narrative. The developers made the graphics fully drawn, but it perfectly complements the dramatic nature of the events. The game process is to solve interesting puzzles and the passage of simple logical moments. The emphasis on history, the transfer of spirit, as well as a huge number of emotions simply do not allow you to pass by this game.