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How to download games via torrent, or All about torrents

Still about 10 years ago it was difficult to imagine that whenInternet help you can download large files, including various "toys." If you have an average connection speed, then the download may be subject to small information units. And if you need to download, say, 20 gigabytes? Then torrents come to the rescue. So, let's talk about how to download games through the torrent.

how to download games via torrent

Why do you need

But why download so many files, and quiteweighty? The answer is quite simple: very many people do not want to buy this or that "toy" for various reasons: it's a pity or no money, no in stores, I just want to see what happened, and so on. And time goes by, the game industry is developing, the product is being improved, at the expense of this, the volume of "toys" is also increasing. Honestly, a torrent is a fairly simple and convenient way to purchase what you need. With all this, unlike downloading through the browser, you can close the program and resume downloading from the place where you stopped, at any time. But before you fully consider how to download games through the torrent, let's try to figure out what it is all about.

What it is

Probably, many people came across a localnetwork on the computer. With its help you can easily play and share files. The speed will be relatively high. But in order to connect to the "locale", you need to know, as a rule, the password to enter. If this or that network is organized by your friends and friends, then there will be no problems with joining. Otherwise, this will not be possible.

That's it at this time to help cometorrents. In fact, this is a special protocol that is designed to exchange files between users connected to it. At the same time, the download speed is adjustable (usually it is much higher than the browser jump). In order to know how to properly download through the torrent games, you need to fully understand what determines the speed.

how to properly download through torrent games

Convenient and fast

As mentioned earlier, how fastwill download this or that file, depends on some components. Which ones? To begin with, remember that before downloading games via torrent, you need to install a special program, and then find a specialized site. On such resources, as a rule, registration is required. When you pass it, then use the search to find the necessary game. Choose from the options that appear that are right for you. In the browser, a description page opens with all system requirements, game weight and screenshots. At the very end, there is a link to the torrent file. It weighs several kilobytes. Skychat him. Next, you need to open your torrent program and run the newly saved file in it.

A window will appear where youchoose where to upload the game. You can leave the default setting (the download is made to the folder with the torrent program), and you can select a specific location, for example, the Desktop. If there are several files in the distribution, then all of them will be downloaded. At the same time, if you do not want all the content, uncheck the items that are not needed. Confirm the action with the "OK" button.

A line with the name of yourtorrent. On the right there are a few more columns: the status, size, status, availability, download speed, download speed, download time, rating, the ratio of ciders and peers, when a particular file is added and when its download is completed. By "state" you can judge the completion of the download. First, there is written a percentage that is already loaded. After the game is completely on your computer, the status bar will change color, and the word "will be heard" appears on it. In addition, when the download is complete, the torrent program will display a message that the download has come to an end.

how to download torrent games to your computer

We have already spoken about the sidi and feasts.The first are people who download the game. The second distribute it, that is already downloaded. The ratio of these indicators and depends on how fast the file is downloaded. That is, the more people downloaded the game, the higher it is. With all this you need to "stay on the deal" after downloading (do not delete the file from the program). If you initially downloaded from the site, then for your account this will be a good plus. Thus, you can understand how to download games from the Internet to your computer via the torrent.

But what about the settings?

But after all, each program has its own settings. Does the torrent not require them? Honestly, not particularly. If you are thinking how to download games through the torrent in turn, more precisely, each in a separate period of time, then you will not need any special settings. The only thing you can do before the download is complete is to limit the speed of the distribution of a file. It seems that we answered the question about how to download torrent games to a computer. But the answer is still incomplete.

Otherwise it's the case if youyou need (or want to) download a few toys. In this case, you need to set the priority of the distribution (which file to download first), limit the upload and download speeds. With all this, no special knowledge for this is not necessary: ​​all functions are signed as accurately as possible for the understanding of any person, even the ignorant. No need to worry if you suddenly lost the Internet connection - at any time you can resume the download from the place where it was interrupted. That's how we learned how to properly download through the torrent of the game.

How to download games from the Internet to your computer via torrent


It is very convenient to use torrent trackers forIn order to quickly load weighty files. Nevertheless, in Russia they slowly begin to prohibit and close this kind of loading. It is considered illegal, as it costs "toy" to appear in free distribution, as people immediately stop shopping and buying disks. In fact, true connoisseurs of computer games, after looking at the "pirated version", on the contrary, will be interested in buying the original. Quite often, the "left" versions and repacks are obtained with various errors and bugs that interfere with a successful game. To use this opportunity or not - it's up to you, because now you know how to download games through the torrent. And one more tip: download this or that file, do not leave the distribution - let others also enjoy fast downloads.