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How to change the IP address of a computer

To date, a huge number ofusers of computers, laptops or other devices uses an Internet connection. This article will be especially useful to those who want to remain incognito in the network for reasons known to him only. Strangely enough, but few people think about the consequences of carelessness in the global network.

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There are many options, because of whichit is absolutely necessary to change the IP address of the computer. For example, you go to a site, but do not want to know your location. If you are rude to someone in the comments on the site, the place where you are will be able to determine your IP address. Either you nafludili in the chat and you blocked by IP-address. It's quite another thing when you came to mind to hack into the computer of the plant's director. This is much more serious, and then you may have problems with the law. Of course, it's better not to try to change the IP address, but simply not to violate the law. Even if a person decides to behave accurately and secretly, it is not always possible to find reliable information on how to correctly change IP and not allow you to harm.

The IP address provides comprehensive information about yourso if you did something not very good and did not bother about hiding it, you can get unnecessary trouble. It is worth noting that with the help of IP you can not only be found in the physical sense, but also send the virus, since the initial IP numbers almost never change, and there is no big difficulty in flooding the entire system with viruses.

Change the ip address of the computer
The simplest option is to reboot (enable andoff) modem - the IP address will be changed. Of course, this will be enough only to go into the chat room in which you were blocked, or to a site whose hoster did not let you. But not more.

If you are planning something serious, you need a good andcarefully prepare. One of the options to change the IP - just go to a cafe and use the Wi-fi network, which, of course, will be able to protect you, as long as you start looking, you will not be there. But still it is more convenient for any person to be at home, for his PC and, without stopping from it, to be incognito.

Therefore, there are several options for changing the IP of the computer. Since operating systems are not functional for changing IP, you will have to do it with the help of special programs.

One of the most common variants of the shiftIP addresses are proxy servers. In order to change IP in this way, you need to find any proxy server in any search engine, which you can eventually use. For example, enter into the search string: "IP proxy server to change". The essence of this method is that you will send and receive information through this proxy, usually a dummy, so you will be harder to track. But do not forget that if you want to intercept a letter, for example, from the Pentagon, then do not rely on secrecy, you will be found, sooner or later, but will be found. Check if your IP address has been changed with the help of special websites that provide such information, they can also be found in any search engine.

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There is a more sophisticated technology, bothcalled Virtual Private Network. This technology may be needed if you are blocked in any game or program, for example, in Skype. Since these locks can reach the level of a whole regional subnet of IP addresses, the first method does not suit you.

In this case, changing the IP will be more difficult, for youyou will have to register on one of the sites providing such services, after which you will receive all the instructions, and access to the necessary programs, for a deeper change. In this case, you can use the blocked services with a fictitious location (for example, your IP address will identify you as an Australian).