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How to stick a protective film on the laptop screen

If until recently best friends of the householderthere was a sofa and a TV, then today this role goes to the computer. But the more honorable status of "do not pour water" applies to the communicative duo "man and laptop".

Virtually all modern technologies havesufficient high degree of strength. The laptop is not an exception. Despite all the qualities endowed by the manufacturer, the laptop computer is not protected from many situations that can disable it. If you protect from the mechanical impact of the display will help a special protective film for the laptop, then how to extend the life of the product as a whole?

From what to protect the laptop?

The first and most common danger iscoffee, tea or other drinks. Hitting them inside the computer can result in a short circuit. As a result, the keyboard adapter and the motherboard on which it is mounted fail. Repair damaged in this way, the product will cost a little less than a new laptop. However, everything can end even worse if other components are damaged in the event of a closure. Here the consequences are more than unpleasant: you will not only have to buy a new computer, but also to restore data on the hard drive.

No less dangerous for a laptop computer is dust.The action of its particles compared with the properties of abrasive powder. They, getting inside the device, accelerate the wear of mechanical components. In addition, dust accumulations can eventually affect the operation of the keyboard.

protective film for laptop

In no less protection and care needs a screenportable assistant, which with the time of operation is covered with all sorts of scratches and abrasions. Such minor damage can significantly affect the quality of the image. Known reliable and affordable way - a special film that allows you to keep the appearance of the product for a long time.

protective film on the screen

How to paste a protective film? Step-by-step instruction

Before applying a protective film,you need to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid fatty prints on the screen. Then, using a special napkin, clean the screen, removing it from villi and dust particles.

how to stick a protective film

Taking out the film from the packaging, it is necessary to carefullyto separate its duplicating layer by a couple of centimeters. Sticky part attach to the top edge of the display, then, gradually separating the unnecessary layer, cover it with the entire surface of the screen. In order for the protective film to lie flat and without air bubbles, the gluing process must be accompanied by smoothing with a plastic card or other device.

Perhaps, the film from the first fall will not go right. In this case, it can be carefully peeled off and installed again. How to stick a protective film repeatedly, if small villi have stuck to it? To do this, it must be washed underwater and dried with a hairdryer. Quality film will not lose its sticky properties. However, the absence of a protective layer significantly complicates the gluing process.

How to stick a protective film in a wet kind? Of course, this process requires more patience. After moistening the film under the stream of water and shaking it, we apply it to the screen surface. Then, using a plastic card, "let go" from under it the remains of air and moisture, which in parallel are soaked with a dry cloth. It is important to avoid getting moisture inside the device!