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How to configure Skype

At the global Internet forums, manyusers unflattering about the software products of Microsoft - the one that created the operating systems Windows, Skype, etc. Sometimes, there really are remarks to the application of Microsoft applications.

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Nevertheless, the developers are trying toTo simplify the maximum use of their programs. Make them work out of the box: install and use, without having to make various additional settings. In most cases, it works, although there are exceptions. For example, the configuration of Skype is not only not prohibited, but even welcomed. This is what will be discussed in this article.

With Skype, which is a kind ofversion of the videophone, everyone knows. Some have just heard about it, while others are actively using it. Having a connection to the Internet, a web camera, a sound reproducing system and a microphone, you can fully communicate with distant interlocutors, and completely free. With each subsequent version of the program, working capacity is getting better. For example, it's enough to download the distribution kit, install the application, register in the system and ... everything.

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However, if any malfunctions occurneed to configure Skype. For example, webmasters using Denver's famous developer package know the warning displayed when installing it, which talks about possible conflicts with Skype. Of course, in a state of neglect. Even recommendations are given on how to configure Skype. In this case there is a conflict of the involved ports, which, fortunately, is corrected with a few mouse clicks.

Setting up Skype is, first of all, incorrection of audio and video. Since there are a lot of models of webcams and microphones that differ in their characteristics, the developers have envisaged the possibility of making the necessary changes to the program by the user himself. For example, the processor of some cameras allows you to change the brightness of the image, contrast, turn on the backlight, etc. Although by default everything works, to use special features of the equipment, you need to configure the webcam in Skype.

sound setting in skype
To do this, after starting the program, you need toThe top menu bar select "Tools" and proceed to "Settings". Here everything is separated by sections, so there is usually no difficulty with finding the right item. After clicking on the "Video Settings" link, a window appears where you can select the video broadcast mode: to all the interlocutors or only to select whether to include the transfer of the picture for each call. But the button "Webcam Settings" opens a window in which you can make changes to the processor of the device (not available for all models).

Setting the sound in Skype is in the samesection. The title of the paragraph speaks for itself, so it is impossible to make a mistake. Here you can specify the desired recording device (microphone) and playback (speakers). Automatic tuning tick marks are recommended to leave - it allows to use adaptive adjustment mechanism.

Sometimes Skype does not work because of the conflict withother programs (we already mentioned one of them). This is solved in the "Advanced" settings section. Here you should click the "Connections" link and register any other port number or tick the alternative.