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Choose your version of "Windows Live Movie Studio"!

It has long been possible to record and edit videosnot only professionals of this business, but also quite ordinary people, whose activities are in no way connected with this sphere. You just need to be at least a little advanced user, to learn how to work in special applications designed to process video. And they are among the programs of the Windows-system. So, many probably know the utility "Movie Maker" - quite simple and easy-to-use video editor. Not so long ago there was an improved continuation of this software, namely "Movie Studio Windows Live" for XP / 7/8 / Vista. It is a seriously and thoroughly reworked version of the standard utility and focuses on the needs of users.

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Program description

In the "Windows Live Movie Studio" creation processvideo clips is much easier, a number of new functions and tools are added. This editor can transform various images, music, as well as short notes into a full video. There are tools such as smooth transitions, a variety of visual effects, themes for the movie, adding text entries to the headlines of video clips and others.

Creating videos in "Film Studio for Windows"

Pleasantly surprising simplicity of processing and easeediting video, which allows you to do "Movie Studio Windows Live". How to use the application to create your own videos? It should be said that the interface of the program is friendly and absolutely intuitive, so it will not be difficult to master it. First of all, you should select all the elements necessary to "glue" the future clip. You can do this by clicking on the empty field in the main window on the right. There you are invited to add the required photos and audio, video files. Then follows the creative process: mix the available components in any order, apply effects, including text.

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In the "Movie Studio Windows Live" you can differentways to synchronize video and music, add the latter only to the part of the video or completely to the entire clip. If necessary, the length of the video can be expanded by adding text subtitles at the beginning or end of the video. The finished video will be saved in wmv format, then it can be viewed in any players installed on your computer.

About system requirements

Depending on your operating system, youyou can select the version of "Windows Live Movie Studio" for Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP. On the hard disk, the program will take about 1 GB of memory. In addition, for its proper operation, a number of conditions are required. For example, the following: 1024 × 576 - the minimum possible resolution; the processor must be at least 1.6 GHz; high-speed Internet connection (broadband).

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Create and share movies on the web

Use the capabilities of "Movie Studio WindowsLive "and be yourself a director, create vivid and effective videos, full video clips and even real (almost) movies, and when the work is complete, share it with your friends, family and just users of the worldwide Internet, giving access to the movie through popular services (Facebook or Youtube, for example.) Let your creativity be appreciated!