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Details on how to remove a private in Minecraft

Today, we'll talk about how to remove private inMinecraft. Thanks to the wonderful plugin WorldGuard, we can protect property from griefers - malicious pests. If there is such a useful program on the server, the inhabitants of the virtual world will be able to privatize both individual items from their own belongings and the territory on which their dwelling is located. However, there are situations when such opportunities should be disabled.


how to remove private in minecraft
Solving the issue of how to delete a private in the "Main"directly depends on for what such action is supposed to be done. In the event that we no longer require the use of a specific region previously transferred to private ownership, this will not cause any inconvenience to other residents who will occupy the site after us. The fact is that WorldGuard functions allow not only to install a private, but also to delete it. The last procedure is even easier. We choose the order of actions, proceeding from what we did personally. If there are any private items, such as a door or chest, we will have only one simple command. So, to solve the issue of how to delete the old private, use the / cremove code. Then click the left mouse button on our object. Thus, it will be released from protection by WorldGuard. We can not remove privat from the property of others in the manner described.


how to delete a private in the lane
To address the issue of how to delete a private inMinecraft from the territory, we will resort to another means. Enter the / region remove command into the chat, then through the spacebar we specify the name of the region that was invented earlier, when the character fixed it with him. Such a decision will remove from our property the territory, as well as the name of our character who was its owner. In case the specified method does not work, you can try another command - / region delete, also through a space we specify the name of the region. Thus, the question of how to delete a private in Minecraft can be considered resolved, but the described process has a number of features in which we will also understand.

It is important to know

how to delete an old private
If the name previously assigned to theterritory, it is not possible to remember, first we will clarify it. We take the rope from the inventory. It can also be made on a workbench. This item will help us. To create it, we set green mucus in the central cell of workbench 1, four threads on the left above it and in the lower right corner. In the end, we get two ropes. Next, we pick up one and right-click on the area from which you want to withdraw the private. There will be an inscription, which is its name. There is also a special command to get the information we need - / rg list. If there is currently no need to disconnect privat from the region, however, it is necessary to deprive a particular resident of the right to use the site, in this situation special teams will also help us. In this case, enter the / rg removemember code in the chat, then through the spaces the name of the site and the name of the player (in case of privileges of the ordinary user). That's all. From now on, we know how to remove a private in Minecraft, but with the adoption of such a decision should not be rushed.