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How to make a water manicure at home: instruction

how to make a water manicure at home

Modern ladies are extremely demanding on manicure. Usual colored varnishes already very few people arrange. This leads to the search for more and more new ideas. That's why most girls are increasingly thinking about how to make a water manicure at home. Why? Because it is unusual and original. Moreover, it is possible to combine incongruous, to show imagination and creativity.

So, before you do a water manicure at home, it takes a little preparation. In particular, the material and tools. Required:

  • bowl with warm water;
  • colored varnishes of liquid consistency;
  • greasy cream or a narrow tape;
  • dots or thin stick (toothpick, for example);
  • a nail polish remover or a manicure pencil;
  • base for lacquer and fixer.

In addition, you may need a cotton swab or cotton wool. Ironically, the water manicure on short nails looks especially original and cute.

A little tip: Depending on the length of the nails, you need to choose the amount of miscible lacquers. Just two short colors will suffice, and on long there is where to turn around. You can use three or more colors.

water manicure photo

Before you do a water manicure at home, choose the most successful combination. The classics are black and white, black and red, white and red.

The procedure itself is simple:

  1. Clean the cuticle.
  2. Sew the nails to the desired length and shape.
  3. In the water, apply a varnish of the base color.
  4. Then a few drops of additional.
  5. Apply a cream around the nails or cover it with electrical tape.
  6. On a colored patch of lacquer, draw a pattern of dots or toothpicks.
  7. Immerse your nails under the water, under the lacquer.
  8. Slowly remove the nails so that the pattern is fixed.
  9. Remove excess varnish from the cream or electrical tape.
  10. Apply the fixer.

Additionally, it is necessary to degrease the nails toImmersion in water and apply a base for varnish. It should be dried naturally in the air or under a special hair dryer for manicure. Only 10 steps - and you will not be able to recognize your nails.

water manicure on short nails

You can choose a pattern and a pattern absolutely any,whatever you like. Previously, you can look at the depicting water manicure photo in the magazine on the nail art. Important is not the instruction, but the picture itself. Repeat design is not difficult even for a beginner in nail art. Prepare in advance for the fact that the first time you can go completely different from what you expected. But sometimes this is a real masterpiece.

To know how to make a water manicure inat home, you just need to follow the instructions. The base under the varnish will help to protect the plates from soaking up the color. In addition, so manicure will last much longer. Experimenting with color, you can achieve a unique result. Do not use lacquers:

  • thickened;
  • with the effect of craquelure;
  • velvet.

Remember, when creating a drawing toolDo not poke it, just slip slightly. If the first time did not work out, do not despair. Ability comes with experience. The more you try, the easier, more original and interesting the pattern and your image will end up. Successful experiments!