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Manicure at the prom: what is better?

The business card of each carerThe girls are her hands. Representatives of the stronger sex like mad beautiful, delicate female fingers. And what woman does not want to feel beautiful?

Manicure at the prom

One of the main goals of manicure is to createcomplete image. It is impossible to look perfect with a beautiful hairdo, but with naughty nails. For various holidays and events you want to make an unusual manicure, different from everyday.

School graduation party is an important celebration. On it the girl simply must be beautiful and stunning. Of course, the first thing you want to choose a dress - chic, which will emphasize all the dignity of the figure of its owner. But here, a difficult choice is made. Now you need to think about accessories, makeup, hair. And make a manicure at the prom!

Manicure at the 2013 Graduation

First of all, you need to learn the basic rule -The color of the nails should be in harmony with the basic shade of the dress. Manicure at the 2013 graduation should be exactly this. If your dress is purple, then the nail polish also needs to match the appropriate one.

Manicure at the prom. Preparation

Very relevant for such a holiday procedurenail extensions. Before using this service in the beauty salon, you must strengthen your own nails for at least one month and take care of them in every possible way. Since build-up is bad for them, they need to be healthy, then the risk of spoiling the nail cover will be small. Baths with sea salt with the addition of lemon juice will help your nails to be strong and strong. To prevent their stratification, daily apply them with special enamels and therapeutic varnishes.

French manicure at the prom is very appropriate, because it is classic and fits almost all dresses. In addition, it looks very stylish and fashionable.

Methods of nail extensions

Manicure on graduation photo

There are several ways to increase:

  • On the tips.

Tipsy are ready-made artificial nails. Special lacquer master glues them to your nail, gives it a beautiful shape, filings.

  • On forms.

This method is now more common. When building up, a gel is used, with which the form is attached to its own nail and its modeling is performed. Acrylic or gel help to hide the border between your own and the nails. Biogel is used in the event that you want not only to build up, but also to improve your marigolds.

Manicure at the prom, photo of which is presentedin the article, is ideal for a lilac or purple dress. Unusual leopard print on the nails will make you the real queen of the school ball!

Do not often abuse this procedure,how to build nails. But on an important holiday, you simply have to shine and be the most beautiful! After graduation, if necessary, you can make a correction for the master who made you build. Or ask him to take them off altogether. But, I think that even after the holiday you want to leave this smart manicure!