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Means for sunburn - readiness for holiday number 1

It has been scientifically proven that in women who have littletime spend in the open sun, the skin is more elastic, elastic and later ages. The fact is that active sun rays are dangerous for the skin, because sunburn is nothing like its protective reaction. Still, imagine a holiday on the sea shore without lying on a deckchair is quite difficult. What to do? You need to tan correctly, that is, safely, and also use a good tanning agent.

a means of sunburn

Safety Levels

Any means of sunburn on the package hasmarking the form of letters SPF and mysterious figures. What do they mean? These figures are responsible for how much this cream or spray can protect the skin from sun exposure: the higher they are, the safer your stay will be under direct rays. It is generally accepted that 15 minutes is the minimum at which the sun is safe for the skin. Multiplying these 15 minutes by the numbers from the label, you can find out how long the tanning time will last. Thus, if SPF 15, then luxuriate on the beach can be 15 * 15 = 225 minutes, and with SPF 50 for as long as 10 hours. However, this is, of course, approximate figures, since it is not recommended to lighten up a sunburn long even with the most reliable and powerful protective cream.

sunscreen for children
Color guide

For those who have already had time to properly soak up therays of the summer sun or by nature has a swarthy skin color, it will be appropriate sunburn with 2-6 SPF. And for the first date with the summer should be armed with a cream with 8-12 SPF. By the way, it will be good if your summer day cream for face will be with the same level of protection, because you do not want anyone to get early wrinkles. There is a group of people who claim that sunburn is not for them, as their light and tender skin instantly blushes, that is, gets burned. In fact, everything can sunbathe, just such "sensitive" natures for 20 minutes before going to the beach should be put on a means against sunburn with figures from 30 SPF to 70. Such drugs will also reliably protect children. For babies, even swarthy, it is preferable to use drugs with a high level of protection, since their skin is thinner and more tenderly adult, and the mechanisms for its protection are not so well adjusted by the body.

anti-sun protection

Terms of Use

Apply the tanning agent 10-20 minutes beforethe beginning of sunbathing. Regularly update the layer of protective cream on the body after each bath in the water, and if you do not swim - every hour. Remember that the numbers on the package give only an approximate idea of ​​how long you can stay in the sun without harming your health and beauty. It is not necessary on the first day to lie 10 hours under the scorching rays, no matter how good and powerful your cream was. Sunscreen means for children should be chosen with high protection rates, it is better if it is water resistant, because kids love to pour and splash with water.

What to choose

To date, the range of products thatwill allow you to tan safely, much wider than a few years ago. These can be sprays, napkins, creams, pencils or lotions. In principle, the consistency of the agent depends little, it is easier for someone to spray, and someone to spread. When you visit the solarium, you should also use sunscreens, because the sun is artificial, but the mechanism of action is the same.