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Manicure with scotch tape

Unlimited imagination of manicure masters is nothas boundaries. In beauty salons, more and more unique ideas are born, which are embodied on the nails of modern women of fashion. To create fashionable patterns of manicure, the simplest household items that have nothing to do with the tools of cosmetology, such as, for example, scotch tape, have been used.

This method was found only in the past(2011), but has already gained popularity among lovers of original and stylish manicure. Most importantly, it does not require any skills and the availability of special manicure tools. Manicure with scotch requires items such as:

  1. Usual Scotch tape, the color of which does not matter. But the degree of stickiness is important in this case, since it depends on the manicure itself. To properly choose an adhesive tape, you must first test it by gluing on the surface of the nail. If after removal, traces remain, then it is better not to use it.
  2. Nail polish of two colors, which shouldpick yourself to your taste. You can use a combination of shades such as pink and violet, as well as silver in conjunction with other colors suitable for it.
  3. A fixer for manicure, which will help protect it from damage and prevent rapid peeling of the varnish.
  4. Sequins, rhinestones and other design elements for manicure, which you can decorate the surface of the nail at will. They will give your nails a saturation and brightness.

After all the items for executionmanicure collected, proceed to the first step. Manicure with scotch tape should begin with the application of the base layer of varnish, the color of which you have already picked up on your own. To do this, simply apply it to the surface of the nail and wait until it dries. It is very important that the first layer is completely dry, this is what determines the quality, which will characterize the design of nails with the help of an adhesive tape. To speed up the drying process, you can use a conventional hairdryer. Also, an effective method will be a cold trickle of water, under which you need to substitute nails.

After that, cut the tape carefully in the formgeometric figures. This can be, for example, triangles, which will most easily be glued from the nail. Then paste them on top of the dried layer of varnish. Do this with a base closer to the end of the nail so that the corner is pointing towards the cuticle.

After that, we apply another color of varnish, which weprepared in advance. Do this directly on top of the scotch tape. Places that he did not embrace can be decorated with rhinestones and sparkles at will. After everything dries, remove the tape carefully. For this, it is best to use tweezers. Then we put a varnish-fixer - and manicure with the help of an adhesive tape is ready.

It should be remembered that in this case weused triangles as a design stencil. But you can cut out other shapes of geometric shapes that will help you make a stylish and beautiful manicure with the help of an adhesive tape.

In addition, you can use specialstrips for the French manicure instead of scotch tape. They are much easier to remove from the surface of the nail and leave no traces. In this case, you definitely will not have a question "how to wash the tape from the nail?".

It is only necessary to include the imagination and design of yourmanicure will be unique and unique. Use a variety of decor elements to help you decorate your nails in a peculiar style. Also remember that the colors chosen for manicure should be combined with each other. You can use special ready-made drawings for nails.

As you can see, manicure with the help of Scotch tape does not require special professional skills and is performed quite simply. Experiment and be fashionable!