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Carving of hair on medium hair - long-term styling

To create a memorable image, there isa great way - carving hair. Compared with a very harmful chemical wave, it does not break the structure of the curls and is also useful because it strengthens, nourishes and heals damaged strands.

carving hair for medium hair
Carving hair on medium hair is the presentOpening for girls who want to become the owners of beautiful hairstyles. The highlight of creating curls is the use of two compounds. The first nourishes and strengthens the hair along their entire length. The second is applied exclusively to the tips, seals them, thereby solving the problem of the section.

Execution procedure

Carving for medium hair (photo confirms the refinement of the hairstyle) is a way of packing with the help of special chemical compounds.

carving for medium hair
This hairstyle keeps its appearance enoughlong time. The procedure is as follows: strands are wetted with a fixer, with the help of hair curlers (large, thin, "rollers", etc.), the hair gets the right shape, after which it is processed by the composition to nourish and strengthen the curls. Carving hair to medium hair, unlike other procedures, is more gentle, since it affects only their outer layers and does not affect the inner. And as a result, the curls perfectly retain their shape, have a healthy and natural appearance.

Necessary precautions

Before doing carving on medium hair,You should precisely establish their type. In the presence of dry and damaged hair, you must first go through a special course of recovery and only then do the styling. Since carving is not completely safe procedure, it is best to do a maximum of 4-6 times per year. Before its carrying out it is necessary to cut hair ends in case of their sloppy kind. This will help create beautiful and curvy curls. But it is worth considering that carving hair for medium hair is useful if they are fat. After all, the procedure will slightly dry them, that is, they will act as a kind of medicine.

Carving and dyed hair

carving on medium hair photo
A feature of carving is that it is goodcombined with various types of paints and balms. It does not weaken color, but on the contrary, makes it brighter, more saturated. All this is due to giving the locks a healthy shine. About a month later carving hair on medium hair will be weakened, but the look of slowly unwinding curls will be quite natural. It is best to stain strands 3-4 days after chemical treatment. Hair of light tones that undergo frequent highlights or have a porous structure should not be laid with carving.

The rules of hair care after the procedure

Usually this long-term styling lasts about a month and a half. But in order to avoid the acceleration of the process of untwisting the locks, it is necessary to observe simple rules for the care of strands:

1) exclude the use of straighteners;

2) Be sure to use the air conditioner;

3) do not use alcohol-based sprays;

4) apply gels with the effect of "wet" hair.