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Face massage

Care of appearance is necessary for every person,regardless of his age. One of the most effective techniques for skin care is facial massage, which allows you to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, remove puffiness, raise the tone of the body, and improve mood.

To make sure that really massagea person has a colossal positive effect on the body, it is not necessary to sign up for an appointment with a professional. A small massage can be done by everyone, and this does not take a long time, a maximum of 5-10 minutes.

Every day, applying a cream on the face,toning tonic, we hold ourselves, unwittingly, a light massage. But here it is worth remembering that the epidermis is very fragile in structure, therefore it is strictly forbidden to affect the skin by applying force. Do not rub your face, do not pull your cheeks, as this causes her very serious damage, which in the future will lead to the appearance of a large number of wrinkles.

Facial massage - technique

There are several ways to carry out a massage,which differ in the form of exposure to the skin of the face. The first way is that the main movement of this technique is effleurage. On the surface of the skin with fingertips, there is a slight impact in the form of a tapping. You should pay attention to the area around the eyes, as excessive number of strokes can cause the appearance of bruises. Therefore, beating should be very gentle, performed by each finger in turn. The second movement of this technique is easy stroking over skin contours (lines).

  • The first direction - from the eyebrows to the hair. Connect the second and third finger and lightly stroked yourself in a straight line leading from the eyebrows to the hair.
  • The second direction is from the nose to the temples. Having closed the third and fourth finger, mix them from a back of a nose to temples on an arch.
  • The third direction is focused on the chewing area massage. With two fingers, perform a slight stroking from the upper lip to the ear, while grasping the middle part of the cheeks.

The second way is that the facial massage is held in strict order. In other words, we use each area separately. It is necessary to start from the forehead.

  • Inside the palm, draw a fewonce in a direction, starting from the middle of the forehead and ending with the temples. Stroking should be gentle and not cause discomfort. Repeat the movement about 10 times, then go to the area under the eyes.
  • Arcuate lines go through the skin of the face, from the cheekbones and ending with the bridge of the nose.
  • Open your mouth, as if you are saying aloud the letter "o". From the middle of the chin, with spiral strokes, reach the ears. This allows you to massage your cheeks.
  • Do not ignore the nose. Using your fingertips, performing circular rotations, walk along the entire length of the nose, from its tip to the bridge of the nose.

What is necessary for a massage

For an independent face massage youyou will need: first, a cream or a nutritious oil; secondly, a cleansing tonic and a warm compress that will prepare the skin, and, of course, your skillful hands.

Facial massage, the benefit of which has been provenscientists, still has some contraindications. It is not recommended to use this skin care technique, which is prone to acne and pimples and pimples. Do not resort to face massage, if it has even small burns on the area. Many experts do not advise too often to use massaging techniques for people who have noticed increased hair growth on the face. Do not resort to this relaxation technique, for example, if your body is in serious condition. You will not benefit from it, but you can aggravate the condition.