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Summer manicure with ice cream: ideas and techniques

Summer - it's time for freshness, creativity and juicy colorseven in such a matter as manicure. Ice cream can be a wonderful story. Appetizing balls, crispy waffle cups, chocolate and caramel topping - all this can decorate your marigolds.

manicure ice cream

In this article you will find several ideas, and also find out what colors and techniques are best for this design.

Colors for manicure with ice cream

Today, ice cream manufacturers sometimeshit the fans, releasing a delicacy in the most unexpected colors, down to black. But for manicure it is better to choose classics. Prepare a gentle pink, light blue, pistachio or lemon varnish. White is also suitable for such a manicure.

Ice cream is sometimes poured with chocolate or jam. For these fragments of decor glitters, varnish with a shimmer will suit. Waffle cup can be depicted with a lacquer saturated beige and light brown color. A particularly bold and creative nature can fully isolate this element with the help of foil.

Can you work with a paste? Be sure to use it for your manicure. Pearl flicker is good for this case.

A juicy idea for those who draw well

The following illustration shows how to make a manicure with ice cream.

summer manicure with ice cream

On the dried layer of the background varnish, apply twoemanating from one point of the stroke with a varnish of beige shade. When it dries, make a thin brush perpendicular strips, imitating a picture of a waffle cup. Ice cream balls can be made in many colors. The final stroke can be put with the help of varnish with sparkles.

Use a top to level the surface. If you use conventional varnishes, it is advisable to finish the manicure with a fixer.

As you can see, everything is quite simple, special artistic skills are not required.


The popularity of stamps for manicure is growing exponentially. Not surprisingly, because this technique allows you to get excellent results.

nails ice cream manicure

You will need a plate for stamping with a patternice cream. Apply to it a drop of black lacquer or special paint, carefully level with a spatula, print on the stamp. Turn it over, gently paint the horn and balls of ice cream with colored varnishes (use a thin brush for drawing, paint brushes are too large for this). Press the stamp against the nail, transferring the imprint. Cover with top and dry. It remains only to remove the sticky layer (if any).

A simple way - sliders

An even simpler method involvesuse of ready-made decorative elements. It can be decals or stickers. It is very easy to use them, follow the manufacturer's instructions fairly strictly.

Stickers should be neatly placed on the nails with a completely dried lacquer. They are so beautifully kept, but if desired they can be covered with a layer of top (if you do a gel manicure).

nails ice cream manicure

Decal pictures need to be cut into pieces,immerse in water so that the paper coating disconnects. It is convenient to use tweezers to move pictures on the nails. In the case of using decals, the finishing coat is mandatory. If you are doing an ordinary manicure, cover the nails with a fixer or a clear varnish.

If you decide to do a manicure with ice cream, nailsDo not overload the decor. It is enough to decorate a few fingers with sweets, cover the rest of the nails with a one-color coating, harmonizing in color with the pattern.

Time and place

Bright summer manicure with ice cream will be absurdlook at the interview, in a solid office, in the exam. But on the beach, in a nightclub, on a trip or on a tour of a tropical country, this design of nails can make a splash.

If you like this idea for a manicure, make it happen before you leave.