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Sunscreen Spray: 5 rules of use

Everyone knows that in summer it is necessary to usesunscreen spray or cream. They are not only designed to achieve an even tan and avoid sunburn, but also in order to reduce the likelihood of skin cancer.

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Five rules for using sun protection

  1. Sunscreen spray or cream should be applied toskin at least 15-30 minutes before exposure to the sun. In order for the product to work properly, it needs to be absorbed into your skin. And if you put it directly under the sun, when you came to the beach, it instantly begins to evaporate from the skin and can no longer protect you enough.
  2. One application on the skin is not enough. Every one or two hours of sun exposure, it is necessary to repeat the procedure, and after water procedures it is necessary to apply sunscreen on the skin, even if it is declared water resistant.
  3. Protect from the sun follows all parts of the body, evenif you think that they do not sunbathe. If you can not get to any site, ask to apply a sunscreen spray to someone who is nearby.
  4. Cloudy weather is not a reason to refuse protection. The sun's rays are quite active even in dense clouds, and therefore without the use of cream, you risk instantly getting sunburn.
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  5. It is necessary to choose the right sunscreenfacilities. Reviews, composition and rules of use should be carefully studied before buying in the store. It is a mistake to believe that a dark skin needs minimal protection. Alas, it, too, can burn. And it is obvious that the lighter the skin, the higher should be the degree of protection indicated on the package.

Should I use a sunscreen spray for children?

The delicate skin of children is even more influenced bysun rays than adults. Therefore, it is mandatory for them to use special means for protection. Creams for sunburn, intended for children, are usually hypoallergenic and absolutely safe. In addition, manufacturers often produce them in a variety of colors to make the process of applying the product more fun. Tan it safely!