/ / Hollywood manicure - a new pinnacle of irresistibility and grace

Hollywood manicure - a new pinnacle of irresistibility and grace

And you want to look as delicious,bright and brilliant, like all Hollywood stars? Probably almost every girl dreams about it. It's amazing, but feel like a celebrity under everyone's power, because everything is in our hands. More precisely, it's on your hands: it's a Hollywood manicure. How to make a bright, shiny and stylish manicure, which will be an excellent addition to your along at the party or party, we'll take it all together.

Foil - the secret of modern attractiveness

Hollywood manicure
Imagine long marigolds of the original form withan interesting manicure: gold foil on a dark background. This design looks more elegant than a diamond! Hollywood manicure, the photo of which you see, exists in many variations. The most popular is using foil in the following ways:

  • the entire nail is covered with foil;
  • The foil is attached only to a part of it.

Hollywood manicure does not need to be dried, and itsexecution does not take much time, the likelihood of lubricating the varnish is missing. In any cosmetics store you can buy foil: sheet or in rolls, with a different texture, crumpled, embossed and a variety of colors.

Hollywood manicure at home

First of all, prepare the nails: grind the surface, remove all irregularities and bumps.

Hollywood Manicure Photo

If this is not done, the foil will lie unevenly, inaccuracy repeating all the shortcomings. Now cut the material into 10 small rectangles with an approximate width of 3-5 mm each. Before applying the foil, cover the nails with varnish (simple transparent or of a certain color), depending on the conceived manicure. Prepare your hands to the main stage, evenly apply five specialized nail glue for Hollywood manicure. Allow it to dry for 5 minutes and attach a prepared rectangular piece of foil to the nail surface with a non-colored side, gently squeeze it and smooth it evenly, then remove it. Do this procedure with all the other nails and ... voila! Hollywood manicure is already adorned with your lovely pens. Transparent varnish is the final layer. Remove from the nail plate, a foil cover can be the usual means for removing varnish.

Other types

Hollywood manicure how to do
To your nails began to pour beautifulgloss liquid metal, use a special thermo film minx, which is glued to the surface of the nails and makes a Hollywood manicure truly attractive and "catchy" looks around. In order to make such a manicure, it is enough to have a minx film and a hair dryer, by means of which it needs to be heated to softening and applied to the nail, starting from the cuticle and to the edge of the plate. It is important to ensure that the film does not appear creases and creases. Manicure flash nail will make of your nails if not real gems, then exactly pieces of precious metals. Hollywood manicure of this type involves the use of a specialized mirror film of various colors, which is attached to the nail plates.