/ / Coffee manicure: ideas and fulfillment

Coffee manicure: ideas and fulfillment

Coffee manicure is considered one of the mosttrend. He likes not only coffee fans, but also lovers of stylish universal novelties, able to combine with almost any way.

Monochrome coffee manicure

Manicure done in one color, does not loseits relevance and now, despite the abundance of designs and graphics for nail decoration. A single-color coffee manicure can be represented in many shades. The noble image of the modern girl will help to recreate the shade of black coffee. But a warm and cozy image can be combined with a color manicure with coffee and milk. You can vary the color saturation. This option is the most universal, suitable for different images and time of year.

coffee manicure

However, the choice of shades of coffee manicure is not limited to this. In any cosmetics store you can see a lot of shades of lacquer, which can perfectly match your expectations.

Manicure with images of coffee beans

Not so long ago there was a design of a nail with registrationa pattern of coffee beans. It looks very stylish and original. As for the color range, you can choose the shades that are similar in tone, and play in contrast. Drawing techniques can also be very different.

Coffee manicure is performed in a variety ofvariations, everything depends entirely on your imagination. You can decorate with coffee beans only one nail, and you can apply an image to everything. You can change or alternate the size of the grains, experiment with the shape. It is also possible to decorate such a manicure with rhinestones and other decorative elements.

Coffee themes in manicure

Coffee manicure does not necessarily implydrawing a picture of coffee. You can draw almost everything that your imagination gives you when you think of coffee. Sometimes you can see even the coffee pot, a cup or even a dessert. It is also possible to use simple inscriptions, decorative elements.

coffee manicure

If you do yourself a coffee manicure, then neitherDo not be afraid of experiments. Include your imagination in full, play with color design, pictures, shapes. The main thing is to avoid trying to combine the incompatible. Coffee manicure, rather, can be attributed to the classics, but because it is better to avoid excessive vulgarity. Style, modesty and originality - this is what should distinguish this type of painting nails among all others.