/ How to make curls at home? Easily!

How to make curls in the home? Easily!

Girls always want to look good, bewell-groomed and beautiful, it's fashionable to dress and stay for your beloved the very best. It does not matter how old a woman or girl is, but you need to watch your appearance always.

How to make volumetric curls
Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do this. And this should definitely be learned! Whatever the circumstances, a woman must remain a woman. And it is not necessary to spend large sums in beauty salons and fashionable boutiques to look exquisite. The main thing is to select items with taste, make a beautiful hairstyle and make-up. How to make curls at home to look like a movie star? And do not spend a penny at the same time? The secret is simple. In this article we will tell you a secret.
How to make curls in the home

Hollywood curls have long become fashionabletrend, so learning to do them is simply necessary. No matter what kind of styling you want to do, you can create it yourself, using our tips on how to make curls on your hair.

The three main ways

  1. The first is the simplest, it can be mastered even by thata girl who is just starting to learn how to make curls. Volumetric, natural, twisted strands can be obtained with the help of a device such as a diffuser. The hair should be clean and slightly damp. Use a special mousse for styling, apply it to your hair and spread evenly over all the strands and along the entire length. After that, you need to tilt your head down and turn on the hair dryer, bringing it to your hair in such a way that they "wind" on the ledges of the diffuser. Then you need to dry your hair for 5 minutes, then apply mousse and repeat the procedure as above. So you know the first way how to make curls in the home.
  2. To create a unique hairstyle, like Hollywood stars, it is not necessary to use mousses, foams and other means.
    How to make curls on hair
    You can try a method that does not spoilhair. Clean the clean and damp hair into small strands, twist each into a bun and fix it on the head with the help of a peg. Dry these beams with a hairdryer. But how to make voluminous curls? In this case, you can use a curling iron for hair straightening. It is necessary to fix each of the bundles with a plate, and then wait until the hair ceases to be hot and dissolve. Chic strands ready! Here's the second way how to make curls at home.
  3. In this case, you will also need a fuse forstraightening hair. Divide the hair into strands, take one of them and fasten it with a plait. Screw it to the base of the hair, then rotate it so that the handle from the curling bar is down. Then smoothly move it down. To curls look beautiful and did not have ugly creases, you need to learn how to make all movements smoothly. After you have wound all the hair, wait 15 minutes for them to dry and slightly fluff the curls, creating a volume. Here's the third way how to make curls at home.

Now you know how to create chic ringlets and become irresistible!