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Professional palette Estelle - find a new self!

When you want a sharp change of image or additionnew fresh and unusual notes in the habitual appearance, many resort to coloring the hair. Of all the varieties of colors, the soul that aspires to change always chooses the one advised by a greater number of girlfriends. The paint "Estelle" will be advised not only by friends, but also by many professional hairdressers.

Abundance of shades and ease of use

professional palette of estelle
Given that the international cosmetics marketfor hair, the company "Estel" occupies leading positions, the quantity of its products is very impressive and reaches 700 titles. The professional palette "Estelle" represents a huge number of different shades. In order to choose the most suitable and get exactly the color you want, it's best to ask your hairdresser for help. However, hair coloring can be done easily at home. Palette "Estelle" (professional), the photo of which you see on the right, is quite diverse - here every girl will find a new self!

Reliability of painting and pleasant smell

Hair coloring is not an exercise in itselfpleasant, and if the paint used has an unpleasant aroma, then any desire to experiment is lost. The professional palette "Estelle" when applied to the hair smells nice, it mixes easily and dries up relatively quickly. On average, the paint "hardens" on the hair for 30-40 minutes, for a long time afterwards.

Quality paint-tonic SENSE DE LUXE

professional paint estelle color palette
Sometimes you want to change hair color, but confidencelittle lack. In this case, you can first restrict the tonic. Tonic from "Estelle" is washed away in just a week, but this time will be enough to decide on a serious painting and the final change of image. Professional palette "Estelle" has a special semi-permanent cream-paint SENSE DE LUXE with a special formula without ammonia. It gently tones the hair, adding to them natural shine and softness, while avoiding harmful effects on the scalp.

Line of paint for gray hair DE LUXE SILVER

In addition to the standard set for painting,specialists "Estel" have developed their own line of paint for gray hair called DE LUXE SILVER. Interested persons can choose from 50 shades and independently to change a gray hair on more interesting color as the paint is very simple in application.

Line for persistent staining ESSEX and cream-paint Anti-Yellow effect

palette estel professional photo
The main series "Estel" for persistent stainingHair ESSEX is divided into several categories: there is a main palette, a series for clarification, highlighting, a series of unusual tones, flashy red shades and a separate corrective series. Also, a special cream paint Anti-Yellow effect, which eliminates the yellow tint and adds a pleasant pearlescent shine to the hair.

Quality that does not suffer from a reasonable price

All cosmetic products for hair careand professional palette "Estelle" pleasantly surprised by loyal prices, despite the high quality. The only inconvenience is that Estel products are sold only in specialized stores, so in small towns it will be problematic to find it. However, this problem is easily solved with the help of online stores, where prices are even more democratic. Professional paint "Estelle", the palette of which is extremely diverse, will help create a completely new look!