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Funny hairstyles for girls with long hair

What girl does not want to look beautiful? And not just beautiful, but stylish, fashionable, cool. The easiest way to attract the attention of others with the help of an original hairstyle. Moreover, for this it is absolutely not necessary to have chic ringlets to the waist. The most cool hairstyles for girls with hair of different lengths are presented in our article. With their help, young ladies will be able to attract attention at school and on a walk with friends.

Hairstyle from knots on hair

This stylish image is more suitable forgirl-student or schoolgirl-high school student. To create this cool hairstyle for girls will need no more than 5 minutes of free time, which means that the school or university fees will not take long.

cool hairstyles for girls

It is necessary to prepare a comb and elastic. Hair should be well combed, then divided into two equal parts by volume. Next, the resulting bundles tied in a knot, and then two more in turn. The end of the tail with the knots is wrapped inside, after which the hair is fixed with an elastic band. You can use an inconspicuous silicone rubber band or elegant with decor elements. No less spectacular, such a hairstyle looks when the ribbon is tied together with the bundles of hair.

Heart of braid

This version of the hairstyle is perfect forschool weekdays and for a solemn event. It will also appeal to those who have the skills of weaving the reverse French braid. Such a hairstyle will suit girls of any age, including preschool girls and teenagers who have long enough hair.

Funny hairstyles for teenage girls

To make a heart out of braids, you must follow the following sequence of actions:

  1. Make a parting in the center of the head, dividing the hair into two identical parts.
  2. One half of the hair can be fixed with an elastic band.
  3. On the other side of the head, start the weaving of the reverse French braid, adding the hair located at the base of their growth. During braiding, the braid should be laid out in the form of a heart half.
  4. On the second part we are ready to weave the same half of the heart.
  5. When the hairdo is almost ready, the braids should be pulled out of the braid to give it volume.
  6. The ends of the two strands are joined together and fixed with an elastic band.

Remaining hair can be left in loose form or collected in a braid.

French braid from rubber bands

Such a hairstyle thanks to voluminous and slightlydisheveled strands looks natural and original. To do this, you need a comb and several silicone rubber bands, selected in accordance with the basic color of the hair. Then such a fun hairstyle for girls is performed in the following sequence:

Funny hairstyles for girls with long hair

  1. Approximately at the level of the vertex or a little higher, a large strand of hair is allocated and fixed with a prepared elastic band. The fingers give the volume.
  2. On the right and left at the level of the temple, two beams are collected and also fixed with an elastic band on the crown. As a result, the first tail should be at the top, and the second should appear from the bottom.
  3. Next, the top tails should be divided intotwo identical parts, bring them under the lower and add on the strands on the right and left of the free hair. The resulting new tail is fixed with an elastic band. While holding it at the base, the fingers of the locks stretch out to the desired volume.
  4. Now the upper tail is again divided into two equal parts and tucked under the bottom. Further additional strands are added and fixed with an elastic band.
  5. By analogous actions, the braid is intertwined to the end.

Flower of hair

What should be the school hairstyle? First of all, it should be neat and do not interfere with working in the classroom. Next the same cool hairstyle for the girl in school is more suitable for a solemn line or prom, because the attention of others it will attract by all means.

Funny hairstyles for short hair for girls

Weave the flower from the spit in the following sequence:

  1. At the base of the bang begins the weave of the reverse French braid. Picking up strands is done from two sides. During braiding, the braid should be led to the side by the base of the hair growth.
  2. At the ear level, the braid turns smoothly to the back of the head. Weaving does not stop.
  3. Further, the spit descends slightly down and again returns to the side where the weaving began. At the moment, the hairdo visually resembles a snake.
  4. The braid is intertwined in the usual way. Then, by stretching the strings, the volume is given to it.
  5. The spit is twisted on the head in a pebble in the form of a flower and is fixed with pins, decorated with decorative stones and beads.

Funny hair for teenage girls

Most teenagers really likeAfrican pigtails. But walking with such a hairdo, especially in the midst of the school year, certainly will not be able to anyone. At the same time, three African plaits do not exactly cause protests from parents and the school authorities. And you can not doubt that this A funny hairstyle for girls with long hair just will not go unnoticed among peers.

Cool hair styles for girls

To create a hairstyle, you need to selecta small bundle of hair above the ear. Then it should be divided into three parts and begin to weave the reverse French braid, picking up the strands alternately from the right and left. After 5-10 cm weaving can be stopped. Of the hair left in the bundle, you should braid an ordinary, but very tight braid. Similarly, two more hair bundles parallel to the first. The result should be three identical African braids.

Funny haircut "Two beams"

Very interesting shots on the head are obtained fromlong hair. Many compare this hairstyle with the horns of a young goat. For its creation, hair is divided into central parting. Then on each half the weaving of the French braid is performed, but not top-down, but vice versa. Thus, a free bundle of hair should remain at the top. It must be screwed into a tourniquet, and then into a gullet and fixed with hairpins. Do the same with the remaining hair.

the coolest hairstyles for girls

Using this technique, you can create different cool hairstyles for girls. For example, it is not at all necessary to weave French braids. Hair can be simply divided into the central part, lift them up and screw them in the form of bundles. Hairstyle is not less original.

Easy fun hairstyle for gum girls

Look stylish and beautiful, not only want adult girls. This desire is peculiar to small girls. PHaircuts for them, depending on the length of the hair, are performed either with the help of rubber bands or with the help of braids. The first variant is presented below.

Funny hairstyles for girls to school

To perform such a hairstyle all the hair onthe child's head must first be divided into two halves by the central part, and then by the same squares. Weaving with rubber bands is performed alternately on one and the other part of the head. First the first two squares are joined in one rectangle. The hair is fixed with an elastic band. The resulting beam is divided into two parts. One connects to the hair of the square on the right, and the second part to the left. Then the bundle from the right square is connected with the hair on the left, and vice versa. It turns out a kind of cross of hair.

In this way, the hairstyle is performed until the squares end. At the end, the tail is fixed with a beautiful bow. Similarly, the hairstyle is performed on the second half of the head.

Funny harnesses on short hair

Short hair does not allow to perform the braids of the original braids. But you can also create from them cool hairstyles. For short hair for young girls, specially designed naughty tails and strings, which due to various objects of the decor turn into a fashionable hairstyle.

cool hairstyles for girls

To create funny harnesses, hair up to the crownThe oblique parting is divided into two unequal parts. On the larger half, using a thin comb or other device, four sectors are distinguished. Each of them must be fixed with a separate rubber band, so that the hair does not rejoin. After that each sector is divided once again into two equal parts, each of which is twisted into a bundle. From the bottom two bundles are fixed with a small silicone rubber band. Similarly, they are done on the remaining sectors. Such a hairstyle on short hair looks cute and neat.

General tips and tricks

When creating hairstyles it is difficult to limitsome rules. You can recommend only that the hair look neater, perform it on not quite clean hair or use wax. This tool will help smooth unruly hairs, so they do not stick out in different directions and do not spoil the appearance.