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Cream Jeunesse Instantly Ageless: reviews, types, manufacturer and efficiency

Any girl sooner or later facesage-related changes in the skin, no matter how well they take care of themselves. And the war begins for the preservation of beauty, the eternal search for the ideal remedy, which really if does not turn back time, then at least does not allow wrinkles to become deeper. In the course are the latest innovations in cosmetology and grandmother's means, European luxury and Asian mast-heves. After all, I really want to find something powerful, so that my own reflection will continue to please.

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Relatively recently, the Internet spaceglittered from the new miracle Ageless. Reviews assure that this is a real panacea against aging, able to make a young beauty from grandmother in just a couple of minutes. Numerous demonstration videos and photos "before" and "after", the delight of the already tried product seems to instill confidence. Here it is - the long-awaited and sought after elixir of eternal youth, promising everything we women are looking for and for what are willing to pay. But let's dig deeper and figure out whether this is the same or another divorce.

What is this "beast"?

In the Russian market, the American company Jeunesse Global appeared not so long ago - in 2014, before that it had been successfully operating in European and American since 2009.

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The consumer is offered revolutionary means,They are called to keep youth and to turn back time. Cleverly constructed advertising shot almost instantly through the demonstration of miraculous transformations on the air. How after such not to believe a number of photos, continuing to demonstrate miracles? And if the cream Instantly Ageless reviews choking with delight ... It is necessary to take! Even though the price is biting: approximately 80-100 dollars per package, calculated for the course.

Rulers of care products

Jeunesse Global produces two ear-phones:sensational cream Instantly Ageless from bags, reviews about which made a furor at first, and Luminesce. The second one should ideally be purchased together with the first one to obtain a lasting effect.

Instantly Ageless Cream

The cream, so loudly declared about itself, is compared in effectiveness with injections of botox. The difference is that it acts faster and can be used independently at home.

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How does it work

The tool promises an instant tightening effect,elimination of bags under the eyes, a significant reduction in the depth of wrinkles, until their complete disappearance. In addition, the bonus, Ageless (customer reviews assure it) perfectly matures, narrows the pores. Can be used both on the delicate skin under the eyes, and on other problem areas: nasolabial folds, forehead, neck and décolleté zone.

The miracle happens literally within 2-5 minutes after application due to an innovative patented formula and unique components.

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How to apply

Gel Jeunesse Instantly Ageless reviews about the methodcorrect application has different. However, most agree that the gel is very whimsical and requires step-by-step instructions. Otherwise, it may not work.

The skin is needed before applying the cream wellclean and degrease, then apply a moisturizer and allow it to soak. Then apply a thin layer of Ageless cream. And for 2-3 minutes forget about the facial expression, while the gel dries. There may be slight unpleasant sensations: slight tingling or warming. The manufacturer assures that you should not be afraid: the cream acts on the muscles. However, if redness or irritation occurs after the application, discontinue use of the product.

The cream can be applied to make-up. However, one should take into account that any oil-based products will reduce its effectiveness.

It has a temporary cosmetic character and lasts up to 9 hours.

Fly in the ointment: composition

Few people, seeing the impressive results in advertising Ageless, reviews enthusiastic women on the network, wondering what the product consists of. But nevertheless, it's interesting to look at. So, what do we have?

Argillerin, water, magnesium and sodium silicates, phenoxyethanol, red 40 (CI16035), CI19140 (yellow 5), ethylhexylglycerol.

The composition, to put it mildly, is far from natural.The company is focusing on the powerful impact of argillerin in combination with silicates. And if the first - a useful thing, even if it requires a long application, then the second - it is in a duet - nothing like a clerical glue. These same silicates are used when creating makeup. That is, means with such a composition can not be used on a regular basis, since they strongly damage the skin.

Instantly Ageless from bags and wrinkles with suchcomposition, of course, relieve. Acting approximately like the above-mentioned glue: when drying, it will tighten the skin and smooth out wrinkles and swelling. However, after washing, everything will return to the original result. If it does not lead to a change in the worse with time.

Line Luminesce

In addition to the notorious bestselling sales, the companyJeunesse Global has developed a line of products for complex daily use. It includes the cell serum Ageless (reviews about the product will be presented in the article), day and night creams, cleanser, face mask with the effect of lifting and body cream with a rejuvenating effect.

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The resources of this line are aimed at effectivemaintenance of youthful skin. Systemic use of the complex helps to restore the content of elastin and collagen, restore the skin radiance, minimize the appearance of new wrinkles.

Cellular serum

The most popular product from the Luminesce complex, judging by the words of those who purchased Ageless. Reviews about the serum are mostly positive.

The uniqueness of the serum is that inthe composition uses growth factors other than plant or animal origin, and adults. Thanks to this, the product has increased effectiveness and has a miraculous effect on the skin. In addition to filling wrinkles and improving turgor, the product heals wounds and removes pigmentation.

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The manufacturer recommends using the serum 2 times a day for the best result. It is also stressed that it works better in conjunction with the rest of the company's products.

Unlike the cream Instantly Ageless, the result will be noticeable not immediately, but after a month of regular application.

Night & Day Creams

If the reviews about the serum Luminesce and Ageless cream are pretty positive, then the night and day cream is considered a rather floppy product that did not meet expectations.

Creams differ in the concentration of substances, but otherwise similar in functionality: they increase the elasticity of the skin, improve the turgor, moisturize and stimulate the production of collagen.

The composition is extremely chemical and not trustworthy.

Cleanser and mask

As the manufacturer assures, after applicationThere is no need to use a tonic since the washbasin also performs this function. In addition to cleansing, the product smooths the texture of the skin, gently exfoliates, prevents the appearance of pigmentation, acne. Improves the external state.

The mask has an instant pull-up effect, and in addition, cleanses the skin of black dots.

Reviews for Instant Ageless

The most controversial opinion among buyers of Jeunesse Global products is Ageless Eye Cream. Reviews on the cream are either enthusiastic, or extremely negative.

According to the first, the cream for a few minutes straightbefore the eyes transforms the one who smeared them. Magic edemas and bags under the eyes disappear, facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds are smoothed out.

Some point out that in order to achieve the bestThe result is to fan your face with a fan or blow out a blow dryer. Allegedly the cream so better penetrates the skin and gives a more lasting effect. In positive responses, the duration of the preservation of the result is recorded - 8-9 hours after application, you are again young and beautiful.

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On the general background of enthusiastic praises of JeunesseInstantly Ageless negative reviews are also available. It is emphasized that in the first place it is network marketing, so it is almost impossible to get a true consultation from the company's representatives. Everyone is assured of the excellent quality and effectiveness of the remedy. In fact, it turns out that this is not so. If the cream does not have the expected effect, they are assured of incorrect use or culpability of other funds of other brands. There are reviews that the cream, even after the entire course of use, did not give any results, but only dried the skin under the eyes. It is noted that for such money it is possible to buy a quality product that will give, albeit not an instantaneous, but a persistent result without harm.

Reviews for the rest of the products of cosmetic rulers

The most popular after the "miracle cream" is the serum Lumenesce. It is her manufacturer who strongly recommends applying under Ageless cream.

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Reviews for this tool are also different.Someone claims that the serum returned the second youth and even thanks to her the skin of the fat became normal. Improvement of complexion and reduction of pore size are noted. Smoothing wrinkles is slow, but it is.

Those who do not like the product, they say that forsuch a price you can buy a better product with a less harmful composition and more effective. Serum, according to them, does not fulfill the claimed even by 10%.

Instead of an afterword

To buy or not products of the company JeunesseGlobal, - of course, everyone's personal business. It should be borne in mind that the Ageless cream, which often provokes doubts about the truthfulness, is promoted by networkers, and it is important to sell them. So before you order the coveted pill of beauty and youth, think again about the possible consequences. Instant visual effect of rejuvenation will not solve the problem (if at all will work). And no one knows what awaits the skin after such an aggressive impact in a month or two.