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Trend winter manicure

Manicure is an important part of the image.Beautiful and well-groomed nails attract attention. No wonder they say that hands give out the age of a woman. As in fashion, there also exist their own trends, which depend on the time of the year. The original, bright design can be realized in the winter manicure. After all, this season is full of holidays, which means it allows creating an unusual and beautiful winter manicure.

New Year's edition

The main and favorite holiday of the cold season -of course, the New Year. Therefore, winter manicure on this subject is more relevant than ever. The main New Year's colors are green, red, white, golden and silver. These shades look best in the festive winter design.

winter manicure

The options for using these colors are mass.You can paint your nails in one shade or use different combinations. For example, a classic and win-win combination is considered the combination of shades of red and gold or green and silvery colors.

In addition to monochrome or bicolour combinations,beautiful New Year's design can be created using thematic drawings. Snowman, Christmas tree, snowflakes and other attributes of the holiday are easily depicted on the nails. This requires special varnishes with thin brushes. And that the picture looked neat, it is allowed to use special stencils. Thanks to them, every woman can decorate her nails with an unusual design.

Lunar and French manicure

Classic New Year colors can be combined,creating a trendy moon manicure this season. This is an actual trend, which is the painting of the nail hole in a different color, different from the shade of its entire surface. This winter manicure on short nails looks especially good.

winter manicure on short nails

For medium-length nails, a good option would beclassical French manicure. Here you can also combine the actual New Year colors. But fashion does not stand still, and now more often on the nails of women of fashion can see an unusual French manicure. For example, instead of the standard "smile" the nail-master draw an angle.

Romance for Valentine's Day

Another popular holiday of the cold season -St. Valentine's Day. This is an excellent occasion to create an actual romantic design. In this case, it is best to use white, red, pink or other delicate shades, and as ornaments - hearts.

winter nails manicure

To create a passionate image it is allowed to use black color. In particular, it looks good in combination with red and golden hues.

In dark colors

Dark shades of varnish have long been classics, butnow they are more relevant than ever. Such winter manicure on short nails will look more harmonious, rather than on long ones. Among the main trend colors are black, dark blue, burgundy. But the shade of marsala is especially relevant, which, most likely, will become the color of the year.

beautiful winter manicure

It is worth remembering that such nuances attract attention to the nails. This means that the nails should be in perfect condition and natural shape.


Such a fashionable phenomenon in clothes, like colorblocking,became relevant in nail design. Fashion bloggers especially loved it and often decorate the nails in this way. Winter manicure in this style implies a combination of dissimilar, contrasting shades of varnish on different nails. So, you can combine different shades of red and black, highlighting the nails on the ring finger and index finger. Despite the fact that such a device may seem strange, it has long been actively used by fashion bloggers. It is also allowed to use classic winter shades of blue or white.

In the technique of ombre

Ombre is quite a new phenomenon in fashion,at first it was actively used in the technique of dyeing hair, then in clothes, and now it became relevant in the design of nails. This technique implies a smooth transition from a light to a darker shade of one color. As a winter manicure in it is best to look red-burgundy and blue varnish colors. One of the varieties of ombre is the gradient. In a manicure, the so-called smooth transition from one shade of color to another on different nails is called.

Among other trends in winter nail designworth noting metallic. It means covering the nails for gold or silver. To create this effect, conventional nail polish may not be enough. To achieve this bright result, it is best to use foil.

For several seasons in a rowThe naturalness that touched and manicure. Therefore, it is not necessary to avoid nude shades of varnish, because they will be appropriate in any situation. Picking up a trendy winter manicure, you need to consider the whole image as well. But it is not necessary that the color of the clothes should coincide with the nail shade. Now it no longer matters. Manicure is like a separate wardrobe item, it can be used as a bright accent in a bow.