/ / Amethyst card "Letual": how much interest and how to get?

Amethyst card Letual: how much interest and how to get it?

Amethyst card "Letual" - how many percentdiscounts it gives the buyer? Discounts, bonuses and savings programs from the seller - it is always pleasant and profitable for the buyer. Especially when it comes to such an elite network as "L" Etoile. "Probably every girl would like to have their club card, in the presence of which it is possible to buy brand cosmetics and perfumes much cheaper, especially since these cards are represented on the network by four and they differ from each other by the size of the discount.They have their names that correspond to the names of precious stones - the more expensive it is, the greater the discount percentage at this discount.For example, there is an amethyst card Letual. It is like to become the owner and how it works at all? Let's see.

amethyst map flyalu how many percent

A little about the company "L" Etoile "

Before you know what constitutesthe amethyst card "Letual" (how many percent of the discount it includes), it would be fair first to describe the history and activity of the seller himself.

"L" Etoile "- a network of shops for salePerfumery, cosmetics and accessories of state scale. Today the number of points of the company totals more than 800 (there are branches both in the near abroad and in all large cities of Russia).

The first store was opened in Moscow in the distant1997. The assortment of the network includes tens of thousands of items, which include products of elite and democratic brands (from around the world). In addition, "L" Etoile "offers its customers their own cosmetic delights, and the company is the exclusive representative of some brands that produce perfumes and cosmetics for body and face care.

Network "L" Etoile "has long ceased to be onlyshop for the sale of cosmetics. During its existence, it was transformed into an independent brand, associated with products of the highest class and quality. Moreover, the concept of chain stores provides for the presence of beauty salons in them, where the clients are offered facial treatments using the latest achievements in the world of cosmetology.

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Amethyst card "Letual"

No wonder that such a respected networkloyalty to their regular customers. This is expressed in the release of discount savings cards, of which there are only 4 rubies in the company "L" Etoile ": ruby, sapphire, amethyst and diamond.

The design of the maps has color differences: they are painted in the appropriate tone to their stone. For example, ruby ​​plastic has a red color, sapphire - blue, amethyst - purple.

Here is such a creative and creative approach even to the financial cards of the team "L" Etoile ".

Conditions for obtaining a card

This question interests many.It is issued when buying goods for a certain amount. There is one more condition: in order to become the owner of the card, it is necessary to fill out a questionnaire with the necessary personal data in the form "Letual".

flyal amethyst card discount

Amethyst card: discount

Having made a purchase in the network of "L" Etoile "for 399 rubles,you can get a ruby ​​card. In this case, the discount rate will be 10%. General purchases amounting to 3 thousand rubles give the right to get a sapphire card with a discount of 15%.

To become the holder of an amethyst card,you need to make a purchase for 15 thousand rubles. In this case, the discount on the card will be 20%. Diamond plastic is issued if the amount is equal to or exceeds 25 thousand rubles. The owner of the card becomes the owner of a 25% discount on the goods of "L" Etoile "(with the exception of a certain group of names that are not covered by such shares).

Note that all cards are cumulative. What does it mean? That when you reach a certain amount on the balance of the old card, it is completely transferred to the account of the new one.

Here is such an amethyst card Letual. How many percent of the discount it contains, you now know. However, behind it is also a diamond, so there is much to strive for.