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Perfume "Lankom" La Vie Est Belle: reviews, description of fragrance

The female image will not be completed without a dropletperfume. It's like an easy, but noticeable nuance. A beautiful woman should not smell like a flower shop, her fragrance should be gentle, unobtrusive and memorable. In October 2012, a new perfume Lancome La Vie Est Bell was released, but it is still called a novelty. What is the reason for its unfading novelty?

perfume lanka la vie est belle reviews

Scent of temptation

After reaching the age of majority or even earliermillions of women embark on an endless search for their favorite smell. In fact, this search does not begin, because every person from birth captures those smells that he likes, and remembers them. For someone, the aroma of field chamomiles is pleasant, and someone admires the smell of fresh baked goods. Even the smell of rain and chopped trees can inspire. And according to statistics, the sexual smell of lavender and pumpkin pie is considered. But the refined and airy lady can not afford to smell pies, and that is the risk that they will take for the cook. Therefore, the true lady is looking for a scent exciting, mysterious and intriguing. At the same time, girls are mostly sweet, therefore they have a passion for sweet aromas. What is the logic with this choice, after all, after all, the girl chooses the fragrance not only for herself, but also for her loved ones? The aroma should be pleasant to spend the day, and the association with it should not cause irritation. Therefore, the role of permanent is not suitable bright odor with deep pronounced notes. Imagine a classic little dress, which was introduced into fashion by the famous Coco Chanel. This is a universal outfit for all occasions. With suitable accessories, the dress will be relevant for any kind of appearance.

"Lankom" - brand of selected

So why pay attention to perfumeLancome La Vie Est Belle? Reviews of lovers of this delicate scent accent attention to a rich pudrovom flavor, which can with the habit of dope. Girls note a light sourness at the first contact with it, but then the warm wave is sweet, and the sweetness is not cloying, but fresh. The youngest admirers are compared with delicious freshening perfume "Lancome" La Vie Est Belle. Reviews, photos, advertising, and even the bottle itself confirm that the thoughts of the young seductresses are developing in the right direction, because the very name of the sweetness and charms of the fragrance is its name.

What's in a name?

And really, what does the name of lovers of delicious flavors tell about? Associations with what they wanted to call the perfumers who created the perfume "Lancome" La Vie Est Belle?

lankom la vie est belle
Translation into Russian is very eloquent - "lifeis beautiful. " But, is not it true, such a name requires a lot and does not give the slightest hint of what a fragrance should be! When is our life beautiful? Each of us will respond in different ways. Life is beautiful when there is health, when there is no awkwardness and you can allow yourself to be perfect. For a weak and gentle woman, life becomes beautiful when she is followed not only by admired men, but also shocked by women, when the dress fits and beautifully shades the figure, when the bends of the body stop their eyes. Here are the feelings that the spirits of Lancome La Vie Est Belle must generate! Translation of the name says that the fragrance is promising, but what is it, the smell of a beautiful life?

Of what, from what?

So what is the basis of the mysterious fragrance?Base notes are manchky patchouli and thin beans, as well as frivolous vanilla with praline candies. Heart notes dissolve in a sea of ​​flowers - it's iris, jasmine and orange color. And, finally, the top notes are sweet black currant and ripe pear. The combination is unusually tasty, but not simple, but consistent.

lanca la vie est belle photo
Thinking metaphorically, one can compare Lancom LaVie Est Belle with a delicate dessert with the addition of elite alcohol. As soon as you smell it, as you bathe in the freshness of fruits and flowers, you feel sweetness and lightness with the first sample, and then the fragrance gains strength and appears as a harmonious mix of maturity and sexuality that intoxicate and delight.

Tips from fans

When the girls first taste the perfume La Lancome LaVie Est Belle, the description of their impressions is extremely similar: the fragrance makes you lose touch with reality, because it is very tart and thick, and a rare girl is satisfied with one "pshik" when trying new perfume. Do not want to cause a shortage of air around yourself and others? Then remember the first rule of a competent perfumer - spirits should not clog other smells, but only cause a desire to catch this fragrance, find it among others and continue to enjoy its notes. Do you remember the famous novel Perfume? If you throw aside the eerie component, then there is very clearly prescribed the impression that a person receives, immersed in a truly wonderful smell.

lankom la vie est belle reviews
Therefore, it is recommended to be careful when tryingperfume "Lancome" La Vie Est Belle. Reviews agree that there is enough one easy application to sensitive areas, which can be considered wrists, neck and ears. And even more effective once spray the fragrance in front of him and enter the formed cloud, then the smell will be evenly distributed and will accompany, like a magical train, only a gentle and subtle one. It is such a perfume Lancome La Vie Est Belle. The reviews converge in one more moment - the incredible richness of the fragrance and its stamina. This is your second skin, a shell that can behave somewhat selfishly, interrupting extraneous smells. This fragrance should suit your ideas about life in order to become your ideal accompaniment. We can say that he is "an amateur", but with one clarification - an amateur should be a real sweet tooth.

Trace in history - the perfume "Lancome" La Vie Est Belle

Audience feedback, without gender divisionfeature, always generously spoiled the brand Lancôme, focusing on her nobility, elegance and femininity. There is no place for frivolity, false teenage recklessness.

perfume lanka la vie est belle Russian translation
Flavors of the brand oblige, but they do it so thatthere is no desire to resist. This is the rare option, when under the influence of the smell a woman realizes her essence, refuses comfortable shoes in favor of elegant shoes, learns the magic of languid looks and intriguing innuendo. Over the "beautiful life" worked at once three famous perfumers. They are Ann Flipo, Olivier Polje and Dominique Ropion. Each of them has a vision of a beautiful life, so their symbiosis gave birth to something universal. As a shell for his creation, the masters chose a variation on the theme of the classic Lancôme vial, which was released in the distant 1949. His gentle pink shade speaks of femininity and beauty.


Three masters spent three years in search of the ideala combination of fragrances. More than 500 variants were rejected. As a result, La Vie Est Belle was composed of 63 ingredients. Masters have surpassed themselves, trying to convey the smell of joy, which can arise from trifles. Sweet sweetness was excluded, which is compensated by freshness and slightly upset by slight bitterness. After all, for someone a reason for a smile can be a sip of your favorite coffee, so why should bitterness be a negative element? Joy is not trite, it is always delicate, so the fragrance is saturated and easily distributed to your skin, especially if you do not overdo it with the application. He is very warm and soft, just right for an adult woman in the cold season.

perfume by lanka la vie est belle translating
To very young girls the fragrance may seemheavy, obliging to a certain style and manner of behavior, but in fact he does not have age and exact image. Sweetness will attract young sweethearts and will please men, as it contains the fragrance of praline candies. Unconsciously, a strong sex comes closer, seeking to find the source of mysterious sweetness, to find out what kind of girl is hiding behind her. With such a want to meet, talk.

What do men say?

Of course, girls dress up for themselves, but stillwant to please men. How do they perceive this fragrance? Perfume "La Lancome" La Vie Est Belle, reviews of which come in a variety of, are estimated very positively. Mature men who are in search of real long-term relationships, note the nobility of the fragrance, its completeness and full compliance with the image of a beautiful woman. Young boys often choose as a gift for their beloved perfume "Lancome" La Vie Est Belle. The responses from them are then full of exclamations and boil down to approval, especially if the companion understands how to correctly apply perfume in order not to make others dizzy. It should be noted that such a gift will be chosen by men who are not suffering from fits of jealousy, otherwise they will not be able to feel confident, noticing how other people react to the girl.

Once in front of the counter

"Why is this a good present for yourself?"- the interested lady will ask. In fact such aroma now at many. Yes, this is true, but how do you think, why? The effect of mass reaction? Maybe that, but you do not have to react to the call to buy mindlessly. Before going to stores, find out more about the product of interest. When you try the spirits of "La Lancome" La Vie Est Belle, reviews of which are left in many forums, do not hold the bottle to the nose, and spray some perfume on the probe. Remember that the fragrance opens gradually, and the smell you feel at the beginning differs from what will be on you during the day. Some girls who bought a bottle of perfume and tried it, consider the aroma boring, transfer it and then understand its true strength, when the perfumes of La Vie Est Belle are fully revealed on the skin. Reviews, photos and advice from friends - this is not the main criterion when buying. Look at how the fragrance is revealed in your case. Be sure to try perfume and for a while resemble this smell in the store to find out for real.

perfume lanka la vie est belle reviews

And what about the money?

After acquainting with the composition of "Lancome" La Vie EstBelle, whose photos are now presented in the windows of all cosmetic and perfume shops, potential buyers are lost and begin to suspect that such a purchase they can not afford. Is it so? Naturally, each person has different financial opportunities, but, for example, in online stores you can buy a bottle in the price range from 2000 to 3000 rubles. The amount often includes the cost of delivery. In offline stores, the price will be higher, as the store margin is added. But the spirits are very persistent, they will last long, so the price will in any case justify itself.

The advertisement is engine of the trade

But the perfume "Lancome" La Vie Est Belle, descriptionwhich are so popular with many sweethearts, would not have been half so popular, if not for a good advertising campaign. The face of the fragrance was the brilliant "beauty" Julia Roberts, whom the audience loves not for "strawberries" in movies and scandals, but for a delicate acting game and genuine charm. Despite the large mouth and nose, which in her youthful years brought her a lot of tears and insulting nicknames, Julia is close and understandable to millions of women around the world. She is regularly included in the rating of the most beautiful women, she is imitated and her image is cultivated. Therefore, its attraction to advertising perfume premium class has become a competent marketing move. His radiant smile Roberts held until the launch of the campaign, and before that did not smile on the advertising posters. In the vital leitmotif perfume "Lancome" La Vie Est Belle. The description, photos and advertising have such a presentation, as if Julia herself speaks with women, sharing her joy and problems. In the commercial, Julia breaks the symbolic threads that made her a beautiful doll, going about society. She remains independent, brilliant and bright, which she declares not only for her attire, but for her behavior and a calm smile. And let the people around look with perplexity, because they do not quite understand how "life is beautiful". The surrounding believe that they must comply with the norms of society, hide their true self. Maybe that's why there is no smile on their faces, and a grin grimaces their lips? The aroma soothes the tones of the currant and pear, drags romance and love into the abyss. An exciting sense of closeness is added by the flowers of the orange. Presentation of the fragrance took place at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, in Monaco. The brand Lancome tried its best, and the design impressed everyone: the villa was decorated with chandeliers of the original shape with drops of crystal in the center. Each visitor to the presentation could bring a hand to these drops to get a minimal dose of flavor and smell it. By the way, this is a unique smell, which represents the olfactive group "gourmet iris". A peculiar concentrate of luxury, natural ingredients and French elegance resulted in a truly precious masterpiece.

Let us summarize the importance of the perfume masterpiece

So, who is this fragrance for? For women who are confident of their beauty and uniqueness, but not selfish, but loving themselves.
What is the message of this fragrance? Perfume La Vie Est Belle speaks about simple and natural beauty, about inner freedom. "Life is beautiful", if you get rid of conventions and standards, do not depend on someone else's opinion and criticism. At the same time, one should not understand such a philosophy as disregard for the norms of morality and etiquette. A person who is free from someone else's opinion does not spit on the rules, but simply allows himself to enjoy life, where there is room for pleasant little things, small joys and attachments.
What is associated with the aroma? Here there is a place for everything - ocean azure and bright sunlight, a midday breeze and sincere smiles. Closing your eyes, you can transfer to the flower garden, near which is a small confectionery, where they make wonderful praline candies and vanilla ice cream. A girl who suits such a fragrance looks like a butterfly. She is free, independent of the opinions of others, but at the same time she is elegant, intelligent, likes to relax and has good taste.