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Photoepilation in the beauty salon Exclusive

Photoepilation is a cosmeticprocedures that are aimed at removing ingrown hairs from any part of the body using high-light light. This method itself is based on the fact that with the help of a light heat wave, the hair follicle nutrition stops, because of which the hair simply disappears by itself.

Now not many beauty salons offer such aprocedure to their customers, because such cosmetic equipment is very expensive and not everyone has the opportunity to purchase it. For those wishing to do photoepilation procedures on their skin offers a beauty salon "Exclusive", which has all the necessary techniques for the rapid removal of hair from the part of the body where the person himself will indicate.

The procedure of photoepilation has many advantages in comparison with other methods. Its main advantages are:

- small damage to the skin;

- the equipment does not touch the body;

- the exclusion of possibility will become infected with various infectious diseases;

- speed of the procedure (up to 30 minutes);

- skin rejuvenation occurs due to the production of collagen.

Using this technique, you can deletealmost any hairs, except gray and white, which lack melanin. To have a good effect, you should do several sessions, from 5 to 7. After that, the hair begins to grow much later and they are thinner and sparse than it was before.

Both laser hair removal and photoepilationthere are a number of contraindications, which must be taken into account before proceeding with the procedures. In no case should you do these procedures if a person has:

- allergic skin reactions, psoriasis, lichen or dermatitis;

- Herpes, which is at the stage of inflammation;

- phlebeurysm;

- malignant tumor.

Also, it is impossible to do the procedures for young mothers who are breastfeeding and pregnant at a later date.

After carrying out photoepilation may occurvarious complications: burns, allergic reactions, graying of hair, minimal scars, malignant skin formation due to degeneration of a mole or other neoplasms.

Once the procedure is performed, the skinwill appear redness and swelling of the place that has been treated. Quite often it is accompanied by a small pain that can go on independently for several hours or which should be removed with pain medication. After the photoepilation, the rehabilitation period is up to one week, after which the hairs will start to appear again. In addition, during this period should not visit the pool, bath and use as little as possible cosmetics in these areas, so as not to have any further complications.