/ How to make a quality manicure with water?

How to make a quality manicure with water?

Many girls try to always look beautifuland take care of your nails. But what if all the known ways of manicure have already been tried? In this case, you can try a manicure with water. His drawing never repeats.

manicure beautiful

Any manicure performed by a professional will bebeautiful, but not every kind of it can be done at home qualitatively and easily. Manicure with the help of water is one of those occasions when minor mistakes will even add a touch to your nails.

Another plus of this type of manicure is that it can be both classic and bright, extraordinary, depending on the chosen colors.

Next, follow the tips for manicure and a little instruction.

To begin with, of course, to do a manicurebeautiful and high quality, you need to give the nails a shape, filing them and, if desired, lay the foundation for the varnish. In order to not then rip off the varnish from your fingers, it's best to spread them around the nail with a fat cream - this way it will be easier to remove. Next, you will need to select several varnishes, which will be mixed. You can choose many different colors, but it is better not to overdo it and use two or three.

When choosing a varnish, you should take into account the following tips for manicure:

  • varnishes must match the colors;
  • it is desirable that they are one firm;
  • Lacquers should easily spread out over the water (this can be checked by dropping a drop of water at room temperature).

You will also need a small container (a deep plate or bowl) with water at room temperature.

We proceed directly to the process. Manicure with water is based on the fact that the varnish has the ability to spread on its surface and with its help you can get different patterns.

manicure with water

A drop of the first varnish drips onto the surface of the water.The brush should not be kept high above the water, otherwise the drop will not spread, but simply drown in the water. The droplet should slip smoothly from the brush and spread over the surface (this is the whole point of the process when you do a manicure with water). Then a drop of another varnish drips into its middle, and so on. As a result, a multi-layered circle (imperfect, naturally) should be obtained, which we will continue to use. If at some point it seems to you that the circle turns out to be too small, you can slightly shake the water (very slowly!) In order for it to increase, and after that to drip the next drop.

Next you need to take a thin stick, you cana needle or a brush. With this wand we will deduce patterns, beginning with the edges of the circle, as shown in the figure. In this way, several different patterns of nail patterns can be made. You can draw a few lines, but do not particularly zealous, otherwise the nail will be a continuous divorce, which can not be called a pattern or pattern.

manicure tips

After drawing on the circle is finished,gently lower your finger into the resulting mass. Thus it is necessary to try, that the nail the first has entered into water and completely in it has plunged. Pull the finger out of the water, and the remainder of the saggy varnish uncouple the stick (it will look like a film). With the skin using cotton wool, gently wipe off the varnish. Now you can enjoy the result and beauty that a manicure will give you with the help of water.