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Hair color "Garnier Olia": a palette of shades amazing

Before changing the hair color, you needto think about. Rooted roots need to be painted once every three to four weeks, as they grow 5-10 millimeters within a month. You need to think about what color you want, and choose a suitable product that would have both good quality and reasonable price. Hair color "Garnier Olia" - one of the examples that combine the above features.

hair color garnier olia palette
The selected hue should be in harmony with the coloreyes, skin and with all your appearance. Light colors do not fit swarthy and dark-eyed. A woman of the Baltic type does not want to dye her hair in a blue-black color. If the hair is gray, you should choose a tone closer to the natural, but the shade should be more light. Black paint will emphasize your age. Women over 50 years of age will not get bright red hair color, it gives the skin a yellowish-gray hue. Hair color "Garnier Olia" (the palette of shades of this product is quite diverse) opens any borders of colors, therefore to a high quality it is possible to add a wide choice of assortment safely. The company "Garnier" refers to one of quite a few enterprises that create products that cause the roots and structure of hair minimal harm. It must be remembered that the painted hair requires special care. This procedure (and even a slight discoloration) harms them. That is why the hair color "Garnier Olia" (a palette of shades does not play a special role, since all products, regardless of color, have the highest quality) is the most optimal option.

garnier olia palette
How much dye to spend, dependsfrom whether there is gray hair, what color and how long hair, their natural shade. Less paint and less time requires short thin strands, but dense long locks require longer processing and greater consumption of the product.

Hair color "Garnier Olia" (palette shadesstriking in its diversity) is strikingly different from natural coloring substances (for example, from henna and basma), primarily by composition. It is proved that natural cosmetic products often cause more harm to the hair than masterpieces of modern industry. In addition, natural dyes require more frequent painting than professional products. And the effect of staining with "Garnier Olia" paint (the palette of shades is perhaps the only "difficulty") is close to professional, despite the fact that it is specially designed for home use.

hair color garnier olia
Before proceeding with the procedure of transformation,It is necessary to find out whether there is an allergic reaction to the coloring matter. Wearing thin rubber gloves, you keep the skin of your hands from the effects of the product. These safety measures must be taken necessarily, even in cases where the hair dye "Garnier Olia" is used. To protect your clothes, you must throw a cape on your shoulders. The paint is applied with a special brush. If this procedure is carried out for the first time, then the substance is distributed from the roots to the ends, and as the regrowth is over, only the roots are colored.

How not to harm the hair when painting at home? The best for this tool is the hair dye "Garnier Olia", a palette of shades which captures its diversity.