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Spit out of 5 strands: learn quickly and easily

Long and well-groomed hair is a matter of prideevery girl. And the ability to make a beautiful hairstyle with long hair is not only interesting in itself, but also very fashionable. The braids of the three strands, the French braids, the bulk weaving, the weaving of more strands, the braid of 5 - strands can be any number. At first glance, it seems that it is not every woman's power to make such a hairstyle, but in fact, with a certain skill, you can beautifully style your hair using braids in many different ways. With such a hairdo, you can go to work, and in the evening to the club with friends.

So, we learn to make pigtails from 5 strands.In order to use a little trick. Almost all lessons on weaving talk about how to immediately begin to weave complex braids on the head. We will act differently. First we will learn how to make complex weaving using decorative ribbons.

To do this, take 5 ribbons, approximately 50cm, of different colors: green, red, pink, yellow, white. If there are no ribbons, then you can use laces, decorative braid, thick threads for knitting.

Ribbons we put together and we connect with one of the parties so that there are long ends. These will be our improvised strands for the future spit.

Now unfold the free ends of the ribbons in the following order. White will be first, yellow - second, blue - 3, red - 4, and green - 5, counting from left to right.

Further, a braid of 5 strands is braided. The scheme is as follows:

We place the green ribbon on the red, blue on thegreen. Then we lay yellow under green, and white - on green. We continue the weaving. Red we lay on blue, yellow - on red, white - under red, green - on red. Then continue the scheme and repeat everything from the beginning.

Virtually no one has a braid of 5 strandsit turns out at once. You need a special skill and experience. After all, it's not easy to understand how the weaving goes. It is better to practice and make sure that the movements become more or less automatic. To do this, it is better to repeat the pigtail several times.

Now we start training on our own hair.

Here, too, there are several subtleties.In order for the hair to fit neatly, hair to the hair, you need to comb them thoroughly over the entire length and lightly sprinkle water from the spray gun and once again walk the comb along the entire length.

We comb our hair on one side. Now we divide into 5 parts. A braid of 5 strands in the first stage is better when each strand is visible. We begin the weaving.

This is not the most simple hairstyle, so even aftertrainings on ribbons weaving the real braid immediately can not work. But, having mastered such a complex hairstyle, you can do the weaving in 6, 7 and a lot of strands.

In addition to simple weaving, you can practice on the ribbons and how to make a French braid of 5 strands.

In this case, also lay out in order ribbons: white, yellow, blue, red and green in the direction from left to right.

We begin to weave a French braid in 5 strands.We place the green ribbon under the red ribbon, the blue ribbon under the green one. Then we lay yellow on green, and white - under green. We continue the weaving. Red we lay under blue, yellow - under red, white - on red, green - under red. Then continue the scheme.

Both principles of weaving are similar to each other. Only during the plaiting of simple braids, the side strands are superimposed on top, and when weaving the French model - under the braid itself.

For an evening hairstyle, you can not just createcomplex weaving. You can release some strands, which will give the hair a larger volume. To do this, the braid itself does not tighten and is fixed with an elastic band at the end. Now one or several strands are gradually being produced by hands. Then the new hairstyle is properly fixed with lacquer, otherwise the hair will break out more strongly, and instead of a beautiful hairstyle, an untidy, in all directions, protruding design will turn out.