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Hair breaks, what to do? Sekutsya and break the hair, what to do at home?

Real natural beauty always inherently accompanies health. To grow hair now is quite real. But it's best to take care of yourself, filling your own strands with vitality.

The problem of damaged hair

If the damaged split and faded hairbecame unchanged companions, then in the first place it signals about health problems. In fact, to fix the situation with the hair condition is quite feasible, even if the hair breaks. What to do in such cases, is described in the article. The only factor that can prevent treatment is heredity, but this problem is rare. In any case, the hair can not be left to the mercy of fate, they must be engaged in, courting.

Each lady gradually comes to the conclusion thatgeneral tips do not quite fit, but you need to look for ways that are ideal for yourself. In any case, everyone knows that a detrimental effect has always been different for thermal insulation: a hair dryer, a curling iron, ironing and so on. They dry their hair, sticking out scales, complicating the process of recovery.

Prevention of brittleness and cross-section of hair

To treat and restore hair,it is not necessary to go for expensive drugs. You can choose the softer and more affordable options, namely, to use folk remedies. And if you can find the right way, then it's realistic to forget that the hair breaks. What is undesirable is to bring them to a lamentable state. It is preferable to look after for prevention purposes. And not only in cases when urgently needed to improve the condition of the curls. Most often, the problems of brittle, thin, split and prone to hair loss appear simultaneously.

hair break what to do

If the daily diet is dominated by sweet andfatty foods, the result is broken hair. What to do in this case, it is understandable: to minimize the use of "harmful" food. And the amount of water you drink, on the contrary, needs to be increased. In the demi season it is recommended to buy vitamin complexes for hair.

How to avoid mechanical damage to the hair

About brushes with metal sharp teethforget, because their hair breaks. What to do in this case? Replace your hairdresser accessories with plastic combs, bone and wooden combs. Choose the best products with rare teeth and remember that frequent scratching is a bad habit.

Wet hair is easily traumatized: they are damaged and stretched, so they can not be combed. After washing your head, you can gently blot the strands, and then wrap them in a towel for a short while. Then the hair should be dissolved and left to dry naturally. If nodules appear, they untie them and without haste. And move in the direction from the tips to the roots, otherwise the hair breaks.

What to do to those who constantly wear the samehairstyles - it's for a while to leave hair loose for rest. Frequent use of rubber bands and pins strongly impairs the condition of the strands. But in bad weather, it's better to make and hide the hair under the headdress. In addition, you need to know that alcohol-containing styling agents dry your hair.

broken hair what to do

Haircut speeds up treatment

Before starting to restore hair,you need to cut their tips. And it is advisable to make it a "hot scissors", because the method prevents delamination. If you cut the ends 1 time in two months, then much less split and break the hair. What to do best is to wear a short haircut. After all, with her the question is solved by itself, because to maintain the shape of the hair, you need to constantly update. But long hair grow longer.

Race for fleeting beauty for the sake of one-time piling or coloring leads to significant damage to the strands. Loses brightness, shine, hair breaks.

What if the girl really wants to growlong locks and does not cut ends for this? In this case, special strengthening agents are needed, which are used after washing the head. If the rule of care for the tips is ignored, then the long curls of the split, lifeless hair can not turn out beautiful.

hair sekutsya and break what to do at home

Hair restoration

When treating split hair, it is extremely importantmoisturize, and for this purpose choose the appropriate potent remedies. These can be creams, masks, balms, conditioners or a series of products. You need to choose from medical or professional cosmetics, otherwise the hair breaks and breaks.

What to do in such cases? Pay attention to the accelerating hair growth means. These can be serums or shampoos, which quickly renew the stem of the hair, promote healing. The composition of such cosmetics should include trisaccharides of seaweed (protect hair from drying and fragility), keratin (it is built in hair and restores it), vitamins of groups E, A and other substances.

 hair breaks what to do at home

How to treat brittle hair

When treating any problem, first of allto think about eliminating not consequences, but causes. Perhaps, some money was bought, but still the hair is split and broken. What to do at home to significantly improve the condition of the hair is to observe several simple rules that girls can ignore:

  1. It is necessary to restore the water balance by using mineral or filtered pure water.
  2. Stop the stress, lack of sleep, fatigue.
  3. Take complexes, which include vitamins A, E, C, B, and as elemental composition selenium, zinc, magnesium and iron.
  4. To treat chronic diseases of internal organs.
  5. To stop or as much as possible to reduce such ways of influence on hair, as a perm, coloring.
  6. Change the shampoo, because such a problem can be directly caused by an individual not suitable means, unexpectedly contributed to the fact that the hair is split and broken.
  7. What to do at home? Do not go on a diet to lose weight and stop drinking alcohol, coffee and smoking.

With such a problem as dry air inyou need to think about installing humidifiers. There is a special device - a hygrometer - that allows you to measure the humidity in the room. His testimony must be guided in solving this problem.

strongly break hair what to do

Rinsing of split hair

It happens that the girl looks at the tips and sees: sekutsya hair, break. "What to do at home" is the first thought that comes to mind in such cases. Of domestic methods of hair care, rinsing is popular. You can buy a special tool in the store, and also make it yourself. In this case, it is not necessary to make a whole pelvis of the solution to lower the washed hair into it. It is enough to prepare it in a liter bowl, and then pour it from above.

With the problem of split and faded hair,mix 1 tablespoon chopped mint and tea leaves, add 1 liter of boiling water and insist 15 minutes. Then drain the solution and wait for it to cool down a little. Then, after washing, rinse the broth with a decoction.

Also gives a shine to a dark hair solution: 1 teaspoon of vinegar per liter of water. Blond hair is well rinsed before filtered and cooled to a pleasant temperature by decoction of chamomile.

A great way to strengthen the tips of your hair -use honey water. To do this, you need to dissolve 2 teaspoons of honey in 1 glass of boiled water. Then braid the scythe and drop its end into the solution for 10 minutes. After drying, the hair can be combed.

very broken hair what to do

Masks from yogurt

Many women praise masks from kefir for theirefficiency and affordability. When the hair breaks down severely, what remains to be done, except how to find the best ways to solve it? The mask does not require preliminary preparation, it is enough to take sour milk or yogurt, gently put it on strands, put on a hat and wait 30 minutes. Then once again smear them with the selected sour-milk product and wash the hair with shampoo.

And you can make 2 more similar masks:

  1. For the express method, apply kefir to the hair, put on a cap, top it with a towel and wait 15-20 minutes. After that, wash your hair.
  2. Do all the same, but leave the sour milk on your hair for the night, and wash it off in the morning. After such a mask there is a pleasant sensation of softness and silky hair, the scalp calms down.

The secret of the action of fermented milk products is the ability to create a protective film, protecting the hair from delamination and mechanical damage. It is better to use kefir 2.5-3% fat.

very much broken hair what to do

Oily Wraps

Masks from oils significantly restore evenseverely damaged hair, because many women, faced with such a problem, are terrified in thinking: "The hair breaks very badly. What to do? "In fact, everything is not as scary as it seems at first glance. Again, you can buy a bottle of this product in the store, and there is an option to cook it yourself.

Castor oil helps very well.applied before washing for the longest period (30 minutes or hour). Such a mask significantly strengthens the hair, instantly heals them. You need to put on a hat, and then wrap it with a towel to warm it. After the expiration of the due date, the oil is washed off with a large amount of shampoo. You can use sunflower, olive, almond or burdock oil.

If there is dryness and flicker, and verystrongly break hair, what to do in this case? Very help mask of 2 tablespoons of olive, the same amount of castor oil and egg yolk. First you need to heat the fat, then add the yolk into it and rub the obtained product into the scalp and hair, especially the tips. Then wrap the head with a plastic bag or film, and on top with a towel. Leave for an hour, then wash off with shampoo. By analogy, you can strengthen hair with other oils from the list, just warming them up and leaving them on your hair for 30-40 minutes before shampooing.

In any case, the problem of thin, brittle, lifeless hair is not incorrigible. With it it is quite possible to cope, if you show a little ingenuity, diligence and patience.