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Narciso Rodriguez For Her: reviews

Narciso Rodriguez takes the woman to herselfamazing and beautiful creation of nature. She not only turns the heads of men, but also constantly inspires them. It was under the impression of meeting with the charming lady and the fragrance Narciso Rodriguez For Her was created. He absorbed all the facets of the female soul.

History of origin of aroma

Cuban Narcissus Rodriguez was born in the USA.Has gained popularity relatively recently. His career in the fashion world began in 1997. It was then that he created his first collection of clothes. His fame was brought to the wedding dress, tailor-made for the bride of John F. Kennedy, Jr..

Narcissus Rodriguez for a long time engaged only inclothes, and real fame brought him perfume. The first scented water Narciso Rodriguez For Her was released in 2003. Its name in Russian means "Narcissus Rodriguez for Her". Perfumers Christina Nagel and Francis Kurkjyan made the perfume boutique light musky notes, giving in the process of opening amber and vanilla. Still here you can hear an orange and an osmanthus. Imprisoned in a pink glass bottle of the right form, the aroma immediately produced a real sensation in the fashion world and still it breaks all records of sales. Later comes a light version in the form of toilet water with a completely different composition.

narciso rodriguez for her

Strengthen brand popularity in 2006helps the release of toilet water Narciso Rodriguez For Him ("Narcissus Rodriguez for Him"). Perfume Francis Kyurzhyan breathed into the fragrance elegance, strength and respectability. In it the notes of musk, violet and ambergris are in the lead, the St. John's wort and fern sound in the background. The smell is associated with the hot African sun, and with sea foam at the same time. Designed for real men. The face of the fragrance was Evandro Soldati.

Advertising campaign

The face of Narciso Rodriguez For Her was Estoniantop model Carmen Cass. It is an image of femininity, charm and beauty. It sees a special purity, grace, naturalness. The commercial shows the sensual attraction that Carmen's languid look and disheveled hair, which have been knocked out from under the hair, speak. All details point to the natural beauty of a woman. Naturalness is emphasized by black and white tones. Complementing the image is an unusual hairstyle in the form of a braid framing the head.

narciso rodriguez for her eau

Advertising video draws attention to the committedthe border of the vial. Their simplicity is elegant and perfect, like the fragrance that is in it. Video demonstrates two options: perfume water, enclosed in a pink bottle, and toilet, located in a black bottle. Perfumes look presentable, bohemian and respectable.

Characteristic of aroma

Narciso Rodriguez For Her is exquisite andseductive, passionate and sensual perfume. It bears in itself charm and refinement. Leaves behind a heady bloom of flowers, which discourages the surrounding.

Aroma day, but it will be appropriate at any timedays. It is well heard both in winter and in summer. Each woman sounds differently. It belongs to the category of oriental flower-woody-musk odors. Suitable for young passionate natures, who love freedom, novelty, extravagance.

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As already mentioned, perfume with the label NarcisoRodriguez For Her two. This is toilet and perfumed water. The first is in a black bottle. It looks mysterious and mysterious. At the beginning it sounds extremely extreme, opening and becoming tender and airy. The top notes are filled with rose and peach, the middle - with musk and amber. The base is represented by patchouli and sandalwood. Holds for 4-6 hours.

Perfume water sounds different. It lacks rigidity, and femininity and ease slip from the first notes. Opening up, the fragrance begins to play with orange, musk and coriander. The middle is filled with bergamot, vanilla, and osmanthus. The base breathes vetiver, amber and flower honey. It has a durability of up to 8 hours.

The first fragrance is bright, sharp and provocative,the second is softer and sweet. Both are plumes. Reveal gradually, completely merge with the skin of its possessor, enveloping the woman with a soft veil.

What does the bottle say?

The aroma bottle is a clear andharmonious play of lines. Both the lid and the bottle are of regular rectangular shape, which indicates simplicity and perfection. In all the details slip grace, luxury, style and good taste.

The toilet water is enclosed in a bottle of black color, but packed in a pink box. Perfume water is sold in a pink container and packed in a black box.

Matte cover contrasts sharply with the shinyglass bottle. The bend of the bottom resembles a moonstone, adds mystery and romance. A simple and laconic logo speaks about elegance, restraint.

Despite all the simplicity of design, the perfume looks luxurious.

narciso rodriguez for him

Range assortment

Any perfume from Narciso Rodriguez isa work of art, a masterpiece. The brand has a whole line of chic compositions, which after the success of the first perfume came out every year. Below is a description of some of them:

- Narciso Rodriguez For Her (Pink). Incomparable and original. Has many admirers all over the world. Does not leave anyone indifferent. Passionate and freedom-loving, like a young girl. Sounds individually. The top notes are sweet orange, musk and coriander, in the heart sounds bergamot, osmanthus, vanilla, the basic notes play vetiver, amber, honey.

- Narciso Rodriguez For Her L Absolu. This is a new and vivid creation in the bottle of Burgundy shade. It is covered with jasmine and tuberose, the middle is filled with musk, the base is patchouli, amber and sandalwood. Sensual, sexy, young.

 narciso rodriguez absolu

- Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Collection. The aroma is strikingly different from the toilet water Narciso Rodriguez For Her L'Absolu. Has a limited edition. One of the most concentrated and saturated smells in the line. Laconic and strict, it sounds jasmine notes with orange, the middle is filled with amber and musk, the main composition is played by ylang-ylang, honey and vanilla.

- Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau. It is heard by floral-tree motifs. Weightless and intoxicating, he sits well on the skin. Suitable for sophisticated natures. Perfume bouquet is revealed by cyclamen, jasmine flowers, pion. The heart breathes a rose, amber and lily of the valley. The basic chords are played by musk and patchouli.

- Narciso Rodriguez Narciso. Reviews of the fragrance say that he is feminine and leaves behind a long train and memories. Allocate a lady from the crowd. Day. In the upper notes there is a gardenia mixed with pink petals. The middle gives musk, and the base - cedar and vetiver.

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- Essence in Color Narciso Rodriguez. The brightest flavor in the line. Created for confident, young and active ladies. Day. The initial notes are heard iris and a white rose, the heart notes are impregnated with musk, and the base is filled with ambergris.

- Narciso Rodriguez Essence. Reveals musk in all its glory. Rich and attractive mysterious. The top opens with an iris and a rose, the heart gives wood chords, the base plays with musk and incense.

- Narciso Rodriguez For Her Delicate. Luxury and perfection. Multifaceted shades. Opened bergamot, peach and figs. The heart sounds like musk, orange and osmanthus. The base is full of vanilla, amber, vetiver and coriander.

Each fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez is a masterpiece filled with love for a woman.

narciso rodriguez for her eau

The cost of perfume

Price policy Narciso Rodriguez For Her is the mostdifferent. If you buy fragrances in stores like Il de Bote, L Etoile, Rive Gauche, Sephora, then 30 ml will cost 3,000 rubles, 50 ml at 3,500 rubles, and 100 at 4,500 rubles You can always buy a tester - it costs about 3000 rubles per 100 ml.

In duty-free to buy perfume will be cheaper. When buying goods in the online store will have to pay extra for the services of a courier, transport company or mail.

Dressing and perfumed water For Her from Narciso Rodriguez is available in vials in the volume of 30, 50 and 100 ml.

Where can I buy

Famous perfume For Her can be purchased inlarge supermarkets of cosmetics and perfumes. Those who wish can order products online. In this case, you should be careful, because you can run into a fake.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her: reviews

Many won the perfume For Her. Women say that it is impossible not to fall in love with it. The fragrance is daring, sexy, intense. For young and active individuals. Each woman is heard differently. Thanks to this same feature, before buying toilet or perfumed water, ladies are advised to use the tester in the store and "scold" the fragrance on themselves. If it merges with the skin and does not cause unpleasant sensations, you can safely buy it. Someone says that the toilet water in a black bottle is much more saturated with perfume. Use it carefully and do not forget about the sense of proportion.

narciso rodriguez for her l absolu

Not so long ago came a new fragrance Narciso RodriguezNarciso. The reviews say that it is warm, homely and floral. The smell is dominated by the notes of hydrangea. It is interesting and unusual. Many attribute it to unisex flavors. Peculiar. Judging by the reviews, not all are suitable. Some ladies, after hearing it, refused to buy.

Unique development

Narciso Rodriguez Absolu - this is another masterpiece,which caused a lot of comments. Very individual and sexy. Some compare it with sweat after sex, others argue that it does not sit well on the skin. He drives many men and excites them. They like it when the beloved smells so.

All aromas from Narciso Rodriguez are worthy of sincere admiration. Using them, a woman feels desirable, beautiful and sexy.