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Actual haircuts with bangs: photo, ideas

When a woman wants to change a haircut, it means,that she longs for change in her life. It's not so easy to decide on a bang, because if the result does not like, then quickly fix it will not work. We'll have to wait until the hair grows back, and this time. Therefore, before deciding on a haircut with a bang, it's good to waste time and choose your suitable option.

How to choose

To begin with, bangs can be worn with any length of hair. They are good if you need to hide wrinkles on your forehead, visually lengthen or shorten the face, emphasize the eyes.

The first and the main rule of a hairstyle with a bang - it needs to be selected on the form of the face. The longer it is, the visually longer the face and nose. The shorter, the rounder looks.

For square, rectangular and round faces it is recommended to select slanting or "torn" bangs. If the face is elongated, it will fit perfectly: it will make it more accurate.

The most fortunate possessor of the ovalface, because everything is right for them: any length and design of a bang. Opposite to him is a pear-shaped face. To correctly select a bang for him, it is better to stop on an even haircut to the eyebrows or a long oblique bangs, which will add to the whole image of playfulness.

To the triangular faces, medium and long bangs are well suited, separated by a piercing on two sides of the face.

Better not be lazy and see as much as possiblephoto haircuts with bangs before going to the stylist. So that there is no doubt about what will suit you. The chosen haircut with a bang should perfectly look at you.

Long bangs


Smooth fringe looks best on obedient straight hair. It can be either long or short. It all depends on the shape of the person and the wishes for design.

Thick Bangs

The advantage of a long bang is that it hides skin imperfections, and with them wrinkles. This is a very popular kind of bangs for mature women, including housewives and movie stars.

A haircut with a bang on middle hair can be practiced on curly hair, but it looks different: playful, airy. But it does not look good on strongly curly hair.

Another advantage of a solid bang is that it hides the shortcomings of the shape of the forehead, if any, and emphasizes an open face.

Smooth fringe


A very popular kind of bang: long from the middle of the face and below. Such a haircut extends the face, gives the hair a more magnificent appearance, the hair looks thick and beautiful.

A girl with a long fringe is available many kinds of hairstyles and styles. Including, it is possible to create an asymmetry through the biased parting, why the bangs are completely leveled.

Super-length fringe

A remarkable feature of a long bang,divided into two sides, is that it breaks the face into two parts, visually making it less dense. That is, the square face with such a bang looks "rectangular", the rectangular looks more like an oval, like a round one. Even the thin hair seems more voluminous, and the woman attaches femininity to the girl.

Symmetrical bangs

It is universal and will look good on any hair: straight, curly, African plaits, etc.

Perhaps the only contraindication forsymmetrical bangs on two sides - this is a short length. If you make it on half the forehead, for example, it will either crack or visually lengthen the face, making the look too open, almost surprised.


Such a haircut with a long bang can be doneonly on dense hair, otherwise "laceration" will look like a liquid hair, not a beautiful design. The torn bang "makes it easier" for the face, makes the transition from the crown to the chin visually smooth and natural.

The advantage of this bang is in mystery,which she attaches to the woman's eyes. Like a permanent smoky ice. Or as if she wore a light veil. In such a person I want to look again and again because of the languid, elusive glance.

square with bangs


Such a woman's haircut with a bang looks playfully andcarefully. She is very young her owner, emphasizes facial features. Therefore, make-up in this manner will play an important role, they should not be neglected.

Best with a short woman's haircut with a bang, look arrows, smokes ice, almost any bright make-up that goes to her owner.

Short bangs

The bangs are made in the form of a semicircle, which looks perfect on the oval and elongated faces, but it will not suit the chubby beauties.

Also, this haircut should not be tried by full girls larger than the size L, because there is a risk of visual association with round objects, which will accentuate the disadvantageous aspects of appearance.


If the person needs to visually "break", thenasymmetric hair cutting with bangs is selected. It makes the "heavy" and full faces visually more slender. In addition, asymmetry always looks young and smart. She adds "raisins" to her possessor both externally and at the level of the senses.

You could notice that girls with unusual haircuts attract more attention. Because they look interesting, stylish, many want to look at them.

It will not necessarily be a dashing asymmetry, likepunks and rockers. It can be quite neat and delicate haircut with a bang, made with taste and emphasizing the individuality of its owner.

Asymmetry of medium hair length

"Under the boy"

One of the most daring kinds of female shorthaircuts with bangs. This is the so-called choice on the brink. The image needs to be thought through carefully, because such a haircut can make a girl elegant and bold, and can give masculinity and look unattractive.

Haircut "for a boy"

A huge wave of popularity to such a femalea haircut came from O. Hepburn, which looked amazingly elegant and attractive in the movie "Roman holidays". Odri's classic hands became more expressive, and she herself looked even more fragile than usual, than she fell in love not only with all the men of her time, but also with women who were experimentally engaged in experimenting with short haircuts.

In general, a short haircut is rebelliousness. The owner of it creates a vivid sexual image of an independent woman. Before deciding on this image, think about what you want them to achieve you.

Here a special role is played by the stylist, his taste and skill. Deciding on a short female haircut, you should be completely confident in your master.

So, in the hairstyle for the owner of a round facethe master will add asymmetry, multilayer. For the oval face will pick up a classic that fits well to the shape of the nose, ears, chin of the client, and so on.

Short haircut

A short haircut with a long bangs looks elegant and stylish. This is a very good solution for a more elongated face. Hairstyle helps a woman visually dump a dozen years.

Body shapes

Maybe this idea does not come first, but the choice of haircuts depends not only on the features of the face and head, but also on the structure of the body as a whole.

  • Long hair looks good on girls anycomplexion, but there are exceptions. To full women (larger than the size L), a magnificent shock of hair visually adds massiveness. Therefore, it is best for them to be cut to the shoulder line and shorter.
  • Hair of medium length will suit all women, regardless of shape and size.
  • Short haircuts will look good on all girls, except XS and less, XL and more. In the first case, a short haircut makes a thin girl look like a teenager, and in the second - a man.

Whatever shape your body is, the haircut can both successfully highlight its charms, and disfigure. Therefore, take into account your physiological characteristics.

Structure of hair

When choosing a hairstyle, you need to take into account andquality of hair. The fact that on one hair looks good, for others it can become a disaster. Let's name the basic features of a choice of a hairstyle for different types of hair:

  • Thin curly hair is usually naughty. No "ladder" on them will not be visible, like a cascade. On the contrary, they can look thin and ugly. Therefore, the basic rule for all types (straight and curly) of fine hair is to cut them with an even cut. You can afford the asymmetry or creative design, but only with a smooth cut, so as not to admire the "icicles" in the mirror for six months, until the length is restored to a new haircut.
  • Thick curly hair type Africancurls look well-groomed by themselves. But if they are not stretched, then there is no asymmetry or cascades on them. In addition, in short haircuts they look very extravagant.
  • Straight dense hair is ideal for various experiments, designs and the mentioned "ladders", cascade and the like. On them everything will look good: from the classics to the Iroquois.

Most types of hair, of course, can not be limited to any one of the categories listed above. Nevertheless, one of the mentioned in the list will apply to them.