/ What is an ombre on black hair?

What can be an ombre on black hair?

Today, more and more popularbegins to use the technique of dyeing hair ombre. It is in the smooth transition of color, most often dark in light. We can say that to some extent this technology is based on the overgrown roots of dyed hair, which were previously considered a sign of bad taste. Of course, the ombre looks different, giving its owner a touch of style, uniqueness and courage.

ombre on black hair

Such a staining technique has manyvarieties, consisting both in colors, and in proportions, which are observed when processing strands. Now we will discuss how ombre looks on black hair, find out what shades are best combined with this color and in what proportions it is necessary to lighten the curls.

First of all, everything depends on the length of the hair.If you are the owner of a short haircut, then you can lighten the tips on a conditional asymmetrical line. In this case, the color transition should be insignificant. That is, the tips can be only 2-3 shades lighter than the basic hair. Well, if you fix this effect with careless styling: black hair, as if burned in the sun, besides with "ragged" tips - a stylish and bold image.

dye ombre on black hair

Ombre on black hair of medium length can bediverse. First, you can simply lighten the lower part of the curls, making the transition smooth and inconspicuous. As a result, the bases will be resinous, and the tips, compared with them, are quite light. It is worth noting that in this image there is no place for clear lines, so if you are not a master of hairdressing brushes and are not sure that you can dye your hair at home properly, contact the salon.

Make ombre on black hair thatreach the waist and even more, much easier. Also in this case, a more contrasting transition is allowed, which is also invisible, but when comparing the root and tip of the hair, the difference is immediately evident. Sometimes lightening reaches an extreme: initially blue-black strands acquire a light blond shade on the tips, which often refers to the category of "copper blond."

staining ombre with black hair

In all three cases (short, medium and longlocks) ombre on black hair can consist not only in lightening the ends, but also in painting them in a completely different color. With the original tone, it will perfectly match a burgundy shade, crimson, mahogany. Fans of extreme can choose a dark blue scale, the color of the sea wave, lilac and so on. In some cases, the tips are pre-lightened, but if you want the transition to be imperceptible, it will be enough to have several staining procedures.

If you decide to experiment anddyeing at home, then you will need a "black hair" ombre, which is sold with the right brush in cosmetic stores. Most often, counters offer us natural tones that are slightly different from the original dark ones. However, you can find more exotic options, however, the price for them will be higher.

It is also worth noting that the very dyeing of ombreon black hair comes from the tips to the base of the strands. In this case, the risk of a clear boundary is reduced, the paint is evenly distributed along the length of the curls, and as a result they look amazing.