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Anna Gorelova: varieties of manicure, collection of varnishes Dance Legend

Today, an indispensable attribute of every well-groomedThe girl is a manicure. And it's not just about neat nails. For someone, a manicure is a routine obligatory procedure, someone does not pay attention to all the nuances, and there are those for whom the nails become a real canvas for art.

Anna Gorelova

Manicure as a state of mind

Ukrainian nyl-blogger Anna Gorelova is already morefour years, proves, tells and shows that nail polish, as a living being, has its own "character" and "behavior." In her reviews shades, textures, nuances - everything is displayed in incredible photos. Anna is a professional photographer. It shows how the nail polish can "unfold" depending on the context - clothes, accessories, make-up, surrounding things. In one of the interviews, Anna confessed that on working days she can paint nails up to 40 times! And all this so that the girls-readers could most accurately pick out the decoration for their claws. Her blog for those who think that manicure is not just a cosmetic procedure or the art of painting nails, but a state of mind.

"Lakomanyak" and the 61st lacquer

After the writings of Anna Gorelova appreciatedmany girls and her blog began to gain popularity, she was offered to release her own collection of nail polish. Now the girl does not cease to please the same "lakomanyaki" (the expression of Anna herself), like her! Together with the company Dance Legend nyl-blogger for the fourth year embodies his lakofantazii in life! In hands, or rather on the nails of lovers of beautiful and original manicure, all new collections of varnishes Dance Legend from Anna Gorelova get.

Anna Gorelova manicure

That's how a hobby became a real creativethe process of creation is no longer just perfect pictures for the blog, but also the materials themselves for these pictures. To date, as Anna Gorelova writes in her blog, Dance Legend has presented six dozen of the most unique varnishes. And all the fans are looking forward to the next collection. But let's talk about everything in order. So, what kind of manicure offers Anna Gorelova?

From Miracle-Yuda to Lebedushki

In March 2014, the first collection of lacquer Dance Legend from Anna Gorelova was seen. Twelve amazing and really exclusive masterpieces in author's bottles!

varnishes of Anna Gorelova

It is impossible to ignore the original design of the packaging of varnishes. Glossy owls rested comfortably on the matt black mattresses. At the heart of their silhouette is a drop of lacquer.

Inspiration for the collection of varnishes the girl was looking for inthe best period of life - childhood, so the idea is based on images, places and symbols from folklore and fairy tales. So, in the first collection before us appeared "The Frog Princess", "Alyonushka", "Goldfish", "Miracle Yudo", "Lebedushka," Firebird "," Cat Bajun ", Water," Vasilisa "," "Mavka, Snake Gorynych," and even "Koshchei the Immortal." Is it not even the titles that prompt us to try the tale on nails as soon as possible?

Lucky Anna Gorelova - it's thoughtful in alllittle things shades and textures. It's not just a shade of red, gold or black. Each varnish is a painstaking work. Some of them had to be improved by Anna six times, until the desired color and effect was achieved! And all this so that your handles look unique.

Not to be a pumpkin

In 2014 and 2015 there were special mini-collections of 3 varnishes devoted to Halloween. Each of them is mysterious and has its secrets.

collection of Anna Gorelova

The first special issue was presented to us by "Vorozhey"(thermo-holographic from pinkish-red to violet-burgundy with firm consistency of jellies), "Kikimoru" (green mica and green-golden shimmer, secret - glow under a UV lamp) and "Charm" (gold star and violet glitter in orange base, glows in the dark).

The second special issue is "Baecnik" (black particlesand a heterogeneous / heterogeneous glitter in a translucent manner), "Drema" (a near-black base with a multicolored shimmer in the sun shines with a rainbow holographic), "Grez" (a thermolac with a shimmer, pink to violet).

Owls also fall in love!

The next two mini-collections of varnishes are devoted to the Day of Lovers.

In 2015, this is a story in threeperception of love at different ages: "Mischievous" - a delicate pink varnish with a scattering of glitter in the form of small hearts; "Dove" - ​​a thermo lacquer from pink to white, with a golden shimmer and matte texture; "Koroleva" - the connection of the red base, crimson shimmer and golden glitter.

anna burner dance legend

In 2016 the mini-collection is dedicated to weddings. Nevertheless, Anna does not depart from folklore traditions, that's why we have "Ukraina", "Souvenir" and "Vjunitsa" before us. From a beautiful bride in white to a young wife. Varnishes of this collection are complex with their textures and shades. Preserving the habitual firm consistency of jellies, they lie an easy veil on the nails, and the shimmers create an indescribable radiance.

Winter fairy-tales

Two winter collections of varnishes continue to amaze with the rampage of their creator's fantasy.

Snow Maiden, Goblin, Gamayun, Vedun, Morozko,Finist, Babay, Sirin, Kolyada, Bereginya, Lada, Morok - these are the characters of the first winter collection. We willfully enumerate them all, so that you will understand the breadth of our fairy tales and legends. Anna Gorelova creates not only varnishes of new colors, she fills with characters each flakonchik! Special features of their characters form the basis of texture: glitters, mica, powder, unique pigments, shimmers, thermo-effects. Everything is thought out to the last detail. Therefore, it is so nice to apply on the nails is not just a varnish, but a whole story.

anna burner dance legend

The collection of varnishes "Winter 2015-2016" includes 12varnishes - one for each month of the year. Each of them as much as possible conveys the accents of the chosen period: Prosinets, Lyutyi, Protalnik, Tsveten, Traven, Isok, Lipen, Serpene, Veresen, Zhovten, Listopad "and" Snow-covered ". Each varnish is unique!

Summer colors

Fashion designers are always in anticipation of new collectionsbefore the season. This applies to the output of lacquers. But often we do not find on the store shelves a shade that would accurately convey our mood. The summer collection of Anna Gorelova and Dance Legend will please the most sophisticated lacomaniacs.

The symbol of this collection was the feast of IvanShe was bathing. Here we see natural shades, so similar to field flowers, rivers and ears, hidden by tradition under unusual names: Zarya, Solntsvorot, Travnik, Safian, Sleep-Grass, Ognetsvet, Nevod, Casket, Runa, Borisfen, Durman.

Try one of the varnishes of Anna Gorelova - and you will want the next bottle!

That was, where to create

Nails are a canvas for the master. The artist is Anna Gorelova, the manicure is her art. In just 8 months, she was able not only to improve the overall condition of the nails, remove the problem of brittleness, delamination and burrs, but also significantly increase the nail bed. What's the secret? Anna willingly shares it in her blog in the smallest detail. The main points of the procedure for the edging manicure we will briefly describe specifically for you.

anna burner enlargement of the nail plate

First, you need to use only qualityinstruments. Yes, at first glance, their cost seems high, but the lifetime of professional equipment is much higher than that of Chinese "analogs", and the result differs significantly. So do not skimp on yourself - it's not just about beauty, it's about the health of your nails and skin. For Anna, the necessary tools are cuticle scissors, a glass nail file, a buffalo, a spatula, wadded disks, a brush and a magnifying glass; from the means - liquid for removing varnish (zHDSL), remover, base coat, varnish and top.

Secondly, the thoroughness and consistency of all processes.

First - the alignment of the length of the nails. Anna does this without washing off the varnish, because due to the different area of ​​the nail plate on different fingers, the length of the free edge will be different. After coating with varnish, all nails look proportionate.

If it is necessary to remove the lateral dermal ridges, it is better to do this on dry hands, just cutting them with a file.

Further, without resorting to the baths, but simply omittingEach finger in the water, the cuticle is applied remover. With the help of a pusher, the cuticle moves away, and all the excess from it is removed, and also the pterygium is removed from the nail plate.

Then it is necessary to wash off the already unnecessary remover and once again to walk with the sharp end of the scapula to remove all debris. Wipe your hands with a towel, check the result. If necessary, correct with a spatula.

The next stage is the cutting of the extra cuticlespecial scissors. Here, the difference between a quality tool and products from the market will be best seen. You can use and pliers, it all depends on your skills and habits.

Anna Gorelova evaluates the result of each stage with the help of a magnifying glass, since her hands are always under macro photography.

Final stage: removal of varnish

Next - the removal of varnish. It is best to use zHDCL without acetone. Wipe the cotton disc moisten and attach to the nail for a few seconds with a compress, then wipe the varnish moving from the nail bed to the free edge. Movement in one direction will save from the appearance of peeling and roughness on the surface of the nail.

After removing the varnish, rinse the nails with a brush in water with soap and allow to dry for about 20 minutes.

If necessary, polish the tips and polish the ends of the nails with a buff, conducting rough sides no more than 2-3 times. Regular execution of this step will eliminate the problem of stratification.

And, finally, painting. First, a base is applied with a coating of the side ribs and the ends of the nail. Next - the required number of layers of varnish. Completes the whole process of fixing and drying. Thanks to this procedure of the edged manicure Anna Gorelova, the increase of the nail plate is so effective.

That's all the secrets.